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[Bulk Review] Super Ccatch, Farting Felix, HexSweep, Alphabeats, and The Day of The Totem

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I'm so sorry, folks, because no posting since the last month. Well, I was so busy with exams and school projects last month. However, It's so disturbing me when a great game doesn't get enough attention from audience. That's why today I decided to make bulk review (only) from now. It'll come as short review for 5 games or so on in one post only. Why? Because, it's easier for me to recommend you more best indie games in once post. To be honest, it'll took a long time for me, if I should make full review for each game one by one. I don't have enough time for doing that... At least for this time. If I have enough time, sure I'll work with full review, but right now, let it go like that. I wish you can understand. Thank you :).

Super Ccatch by Eduard Anton

At glance this game reminds me with Intake game. To be honest, it's bit similar, but just a bit. Super Ccatch has more simple gameplay rather than Intake. You should change the color on Intake, but you don't need for doing that in Super Ccatch. All you need to do just concentrate with your color now and catch each shape that has same color with you. Really simple but challenging at the same time. It's an endless game, so you won't see any ending here. The more level you reach, the shape will drop faster and you need really fast reflex for doing that.

Overall Score: 3.5 out of 5

Download Link: Super Ccatch, $1.99

Farting Felix by Black Sheep Apps

Sometimes fart is really useful. Well, that's the valuable lesson which I can learned from this game hehe... In this game you will play 4 different kinds of games, endless runner, side scrolling shooter, platformer and the last one said as puzzle game. Completed the quest to collect golden ball and finished the game. To be honest, I haven't unlocked the last mode (puzzle game) yet. I need to find some time for playing more btw. However, I can conclude if Farting Felix is a really well made game. Every mode is unique, and of course still uses fart as its main power. Though sometimes that fart sound will annoy your ears, but still the game really addictive. There's no IAP inside, so you can't cheating here. All pure need your skill.

Overall Score: 4.5 out of 5

Download Link: Farting Felix, $1.99

Alphabeats by Rad Dragon

I must admit if I don't really into a word game, but when it comes with a rhythm game, I'll become so curious. You need to arrange word as much as possible for each song played. Too bad, there're only 5 songs inside. You can buy another song packs inside the game costs about $1.99-2.99. There're 3 modes, spellfire (you'll game over if you spell wrong word 3 times), casual (standard mode), also tricky (more drop letters). You will move a paddle here, catch the letter, and make as many long words as you can until the song ended. There're 3 power ups, score multiplier, shrink, and bomb. Unfortunately, may be it caused by I haven't adapt with this game yet, but I feel the game is hard to be controlled. However still, Alphabeats brings a new innovation for word game.

Overall Score: 4 out of 5

Download Link: Alphabeats, $1.99

HexSweep by Splitcell

If Super Ccatch reminds me with Intake, then HexSweep reminds me with Unpossible game. Since it has pretty similar graphic, both of them also has similar gameplay. However, I won't say if it was a clone. Definitely not. In this game, you need to pass through the required amount of white gates to unlock the next class. The great thing of this game is the force visualization. HexSweep has 'pushed adrenaline' effect which was shown every time you pass the white gate and that's really cool IMO, but be careful you might get bit dizzy after that :p. You can play all class for free now, with IAP costs $1.99 for get rid of ads. Though it feels bit repetitive, time after time, HexSweep still worth to try if you looking for a fast paced arcade game.

Overall Score: 3 out of 5

Download Link: HexSweep, Free

The Day Of Totem by Cesar Varela

The Day of Totem is a stack puzzle game where you should collect at least 2 totems to finished its level. You will play as a piece of totem and you should move your friend and stick them with you one by one in purpose to complete the level. However, you need to be careful, because sometimes it's not easy as it looks. There're portal, gravitation switch, gate, etc to add more gameplay variation for the game. Sometimes, you need to learn and understand the pattern first before taking the next step. Overall, this game is worth to try by you, puzzle lover.

Overall Score: 3.5 out of 5

Download Link: The Day of the Totem, $0.99

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