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Intake: Be Aggressive Short Review - Seriously Addictive as Drug

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Intake is one of the game that declare to be aggressive, at first I might asking myself. Who should become the aggressive one? Us (as players) or the game itself? One more, the game also called itself as a shmup game but I don't think it's suitable, well... at least for the first time playing. Intake is a fast paced arcade 'tap tap' game. Yes, it's more like a tap tap game rather than a shmup game. It can be a shmup game too, but later after you unlocked the special mode.

Be Aggressive

Fortunately, being a tap tap game isn't a bad thing for Intake game. Actually, it's more enjoyable than a usual rhythm tap tap game. In this game, you must tap all the pills which has the same color with your color power. You can change your color power by tapping color bar in the bottom of the screen. As you can see, there's an indicator on the top of the screen which showing the remaining pills which you should tap in each level. Everytime you tap the right pills, you can create the combo chain which will multiply your score. Intake feels like an endless game, but actually it's not. The game consists of 100 levels with checkpoint in every 25 levels.

Everytime you die, you can choose wherever you want to start it over from the checkpoint. The difficulty of the game ramps up pretty quickly. It required a fast, quick and reflex reaction from the player. Also, for every 5 levels you passed, you'll face other random mode such as acceleration, flood, minefield, pro, or reaction. Unfortunately, acceleration mode means an instant death right now (in version 1) when you got no power up equipped, it's not because of the ultra fast speed from the game, but the control is being unresponsive whenever the game enter that mode T_T. Fortunately, that extra heart save my life. Yes, there're several power-ups here. Such as: extra life, embiggener, invincibility, slow mo, etc.

Calm down and control your feeling

You can unlock the gunship power up (shmup mode), but it cost so muchy, you need 1 million MG to unlocked it. FYI, I can grab about 2000-3000 for average once playing. Beside of that power-ups, you can unlock more soundtrack also colors palette too. The soundtrack of Intake is probably, one of the best soundtrack I ever played, kudos for that. Although, gameplay of this game sounds simple and easy, I can feel that the game gives the aggressive and addictive drug to the player itself.

You'll keep playing and retrying to break your hi-est score everytime you play this game. Followed by tapping the screen, wish if you'll never met the acceleration mode, try to make the combo as high as possible, can become some indications if you have addicted and unfortunately, you break your combo chain whenever you can't control your aggressive feeling anymore. You feel so mad, then yell on the screen and said: : "Dammit, just few more, one more step, and I'll break my latest record. Okay, give me one more chance, one more play" See, that's which happened with me ;) and I wish it won't happened on you too.

Graphic/ Sound: 4 out of 5
Game Control: 3.5 out of 5
Gameplay: 4.5 out of 5
Replay Value: 4.5 out of 5
Overall: 4.13 out of 5

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