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[Opinion] Female Gamer?

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It might be funny when I talk about this topic, but seriously I'm feeling bad with this kind of label as a gamer. If you take a look into wikipedia or search about 'female gamer' on google, the result comes with; girl gamer was such kind of sex material only. Even there's a difference between girl gamer with gamer girl, which to be true, I don't see any necessary for doing that. I won't post any pictures of that, you can search it by yourself. In fact, I also read if so many people said gaming world needs more women, but what should we do if we're just 'used' as 'sexism symbol' only. Do we want for that? Of course, Not. To make it brief, there're 2 different type of  female gamers in this world in my opinion. First, the one who actually play games. Second, the one who only act as a gamer and feeling great because of that.

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So, you're asking how about me? I'm playing games, because I like them, I won't say... hey I'm playing games, I'm cool right?... Wut.. I might be crazy drunk if I said like that. I play games a lot, mostly mobile games. Only have few games on my laptop. However, I'm not a console gamer, I even don't have them. Well, to be honest I have the first nintendo console, but never play it more than twice a year... Yes, a year.. so pity right? My mom doesn't allow me, she's afraid I'll become stupid and lazy because of that. So why now I'm playing games? Okay, playing a game is like a love. It's hard to be described and came anytime without notice. Once you fall into it, it's hard to stop, but it's different from drug. You can control love, but not drugs, right? Same, with choose your game style. Alright, back to topic.

I think to be a gamer, we don't need to call ourselves as female gamers just because we are female. We are same, but you know there're so many bi&&&& outside there who took and post her photo, pose by bitting her controller like piece of **** or put it between her 00, think if they're acting like that will attract more guys.... Beeaccch, pleaseee... You made us (the true player) got a new identity (label) as a fake gamer and it suck. WTF.

The worse thing, I ever watched video about female NPC inside games, and it's so pitiful. How can? It showed if most of female inside games who plays as NPC will act as bitches or sexism symbol or toy only. Not just one, two, but so many games having those scenes, where woman as cheap offering pleasure to man. I know if it might part of the story line, but come on.... why female should act like that in most of games? Still, there're so many female characters outside there who are doing greatly, said Tomb Raider Series, Mirror Edge, etc.

Why the disparity between male and female still exist in this world? Do you ever read a meme comic, where the less armor (outfit) that wore by a female character, the more defense she will got.... Funny, but that's the fact especially in MMO games. Actually, I'm bit confused here sometimes I feel bad why so hard for being a female. When we are truly gamer, man said we are fake. Does being a female gamer, we should become a sexy, cute person too? Who made this stereotype? Who is the first person that think being a female gamer can attract more guys? Come on, stop this viewpoint, enough for that!

The last thing, it might happened only twice on me (so far), but may often happened to other female gamer (actual-real female gamer) outside there. What is that? "The capability", well.. most of people think just because we are female, we don't have enough capability for playing games. We just play girly games such as Candy Crush Saga, Cooking Mama, Hay Day, etc. To be honest, when I should wrote about 10 mobile games which was liked by most girls, I should ask to my girl friends one by one, doing a small research on it.

I'm not saying if I never playing those games, but I prefer to play twitchy arcade games such as Boson X, Super Hexagon vibe, etc also puzzle, platformer, and action adventure games. I play other genres too, but not  much intensive as those genres which mentioned before. So many female outside there who plays DotA, KF, CoD, HALO, etc and they're great at those games. Actually, what's the definition of gamer? Based on oxford dictionary gamer is, A person who plays a game or games, typically a participant in a computer or role-playing game. However, actually gamer is not someone who playing games in Computer only. There're so many other gaming platform outside there such as handheld games console, console, also mobile and we're deserve to call ourselves as gamer. Not female nor male, everybody is same. Don't that better, than divide us into two parts which made high disparity? Let the time answer it.

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