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Jungle Rumble Review - Monkeys, Bananas, Dances and Happiness

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Well, I'm so excited really excited when knowing this game already released. If you take a look into my past posts. You'll found there're some articles about this game, mostly related with the release date of this game. It has been a long time since my last time to write review on my blog. Too busy for make an intensive review, but this game is an exception, I want to put this on my Sunday Play but I can't  :') So I decide to share why you should try this game.

It's not a random tap, it's a strategically tap

Jungle Rumble is a mix genre between music and strategy game. Basically, it's a music game like tap tap game, but in the same time there's a strategy which must be arranged to finish every level on this game. Someone said Patapon, sorry I never play that game, so I won't compare Jungle Rumble with it. Everbody has their own uniqueness, also with this game. Jungle Rumble is unique. In this game, you need to move the monkey from one branch's leaf to other branch's leaf by tapping on it.

At first time, I felt it's hard to match the beat with my tapping's skill. Then, I realize if there's a simple indicator on upper side of the screen which showing when is the right time to tap the screen. Duh, how stupid I am, why I late to realize it :p. After several playing, I can get my first gold medal. Yeah.... *Tears of victory :'D*. Okay, at first you might need to move one monkey only, then later you'll need to move more than one monkey together. For doing that, you only need quick reaction and quick thinking and match your feeling with the beats. Seriously, I doubt if there's any single beat which mismatched on this game. The more I play, the more my heart enjoying the beats and love those 'monkey dances' ;)

So, what's the goal on this game? You'll play as the black monkeys clan which should defeat those red monkeys clan. You can defeat them only by throwing coconut on them. It's okay when you following your enemy's step closely but never try to face to face with them with a bare hand or have smaller monkey's team on your side. You'll die easily.

To control the monkey here is really simple. You only need to tap the monkey once, then tap on the target path, back to the monkey, then to the target again. Remember to do it following the beats. As you realize, you'll see the purple chain surrounding the monkey, that purple chain will give more power for you to bring (move) more than one monkey and the more monkey you have, the more power you'll have. However, you should do it fast, because those purple chain won't last for a long time. To throw the coconut, you just need to tap your monkey three times, then hit the enemies on the right time.

Feel the beat, Enjoy the dances, Share the happiness

Every second is matter and crucial on this game, the beat will decide the right step which you choose, once you late, it might change everything, either score also the monkey itself. More matter, to earn medal you should complete all 3 main objectives, first the right timing (how many steps you take, fewer steps are better), then defeat all those enemies, and the last one, keep your team. If you have 3 monkeys on the first time, you should able to keep them until you win the game.

The game might looks easy at first, but don't judge the game too early. Still, the game needs a right strategy. It's not kind of rhythm game where you can tap on here, there, or wherever you like... No, not like that. Plan your own strategy, and your first step can lead you to the victory nor the history (read: dead x.x ). So think it wisely but be quick because everything changes in a beat (seconds). Remember, like in a war too, sometimes you need to be patient and waiting for the right time to launch your attack, so well with this game. Learn your enemy's movement, and defeat them perfectly.

Last words, Jungle Rumble brought a fresh movement on the App Store, while your expectation for a rhythm game not more than a quick tap tap game. Here, you'll get a real-time strategy too, of course without decrease the rhythm portion itself. It's a great mix between a rhythm with RTS game and definitely worth every single penny which have you spent on it.

Graphic/ Sound: 4.5 out of 5
Gameplay: 4.5 out of 5
Game Control: 4.5 out of 5
Replay Value: 4.5 out of 5
Overall: 4.5 out of 5

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