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[iOS Playlist] Some iOS Games I've Played Lately :)

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Hi, this is not a review. This is just my quick post about my iOS playlist. I played them randomly and made gameplay video of them. I played LEX from my friend's recommendation (check his blog too here), played Super Digestion Moose because it's hilarious as bell.. yes the bell :p. Then I played Ettetetta because occasionally I grabbed it when it's free. The last is Preplexity, I played it because I'm curious with that game, never played the first one, but this one with neon color is good enough to be tried.

LEX by Simple Machine

Played Version: 1.2
Price: $0.99 (FREE Today July 24, 2014)
Game Center: Yes
iTunes Link: LEX

Super Digestion Moose by Alvar Pernroth

Played Version: 1.20
Price: FREE
Game Center: No
iTunes Link: Super Digestion Moose

Ettetetta by Artyom Shumilov

Played Version: 1.0
Price: $0.99
Game Center: Yes
iTunes Link: Ettetetta

Preplexity: Neon by Blindspot LLC

Played Version: 1.1
Price: FREE
Game Center: Yes
iTunes Link: Perplexity: Neon

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