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Fish & Shark Short Review - Endless 'Runner' is Doing Right Once Again

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You might surprised with the guys behind this game. Odenis Studio has been experienced in nintendo Gaming world since 2007, before they decided to expand their work into iOS platform now. Their first iOS game has been released since July 25 which was came as a free endless swimmer game, yes a free game without IAP. So what's make this different with other endless game, beside the swimming part of course. Though, to be honest there're already several endless swimmer too outside there.

I won't say if they use a pretty fresh new concept in this game. It just an endless swimmer game, but as long as I play iOS games, I haven't met any interesting endless 'runner' game again, after the Temple Run 2 era. However, in my opinion this game has enough 'power' to attract gamers for playing it, at least to try it once. Fish & Shark will let you choose to play as a good fish or bad shark. Actually, the good fish is like an easy or may be normal mode in this game. While the bad shark will give you hard mode.

Beautiful 3D Graphic

You will swim inside an infinity pool, trying to collect coins to increase your score. The game has one control only, touch to jump. The longer you tap, the higher your fish/ shark will jump. You need to avoid hitting the building by jumping through it. Though it looks easy, except you're a master you'll end up with score only 4 or 5 even you might got 0 in your first playing. However, the more you play, you'll learn the difference between the shark and the fish. The fish is heavier than the shark also has lower velocity than the shark. So, it's necessary to find the right timing for doing the jump action.

One thing, which I never understand from this game is how the level getting randomized inside. Sometimes, I play from the last checkpoint after game over, sometimes I play from the start line. Sometimes, not far away from the first start, and other different spots that ever passed by you. It'll be more interesting if the level generated differently everytime we play. Ah, almost forget, the game has interesting mechanic too where your fish/ shark can swim in 2D also 3D point of view. It can swim from left side to the right side, from bottom to the top, also from top to bottom.

Jump on the right time

Unfortunately, because of the game itself has beautiful 3D graphic similar like in minecraft game and I really like it, I often ended up with game over because I'm too focus admiring the graphic rather than focus for playing the game and chase the score. Fish & Shark also has multiplayer feature too. You can play this game along with your friend in one device. The screen will be split into two part, and you'll play with your friend in real time. You and your friend can see the game play at the same time. In conclusion, I must admit if Fish & Shark is a prove if endless 'runner' is doing right once again. In other word, there's a hope for other great endless runner games in the future.

Graphic/ Sound: 5 out of 5
Game Control: 4.5 out of 5
Gameplay: 4.5 out of 5
Replay Value: 4 out of 5
Overall Score: 4.5 out of 5

App Store Link: Fish & Shark, Free


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