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[Upcoming Game] for the 3rd Week of May (May 22, 2014) Released

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There's some postponed release for the last week. Hellraid The Escape won't be released until July 2014. There's no further information about Elroy and the Aliens. For the next week, there's not many new upcoming games. There'll be a re-release game, 1Path. You can read the review here. It's a great puzzle game, btw. For the next week, I collect may be 5 or 6 upcoming games only. Hope, there'll be more surprise release for the next week. As usual if you know some upcoming games which unlisted below, please let me know :)

OTTTD costs $2.99

Globosome on May 22 costs $2.99

Parasol on May 22 costs $0.99

SXPD on May 22 costs $0.99 (Launch Price)

1Path on May 22

Pixel Golf on May 23 (iPad Only)

Spotology on May 23 costs Free

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