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1Path Review - Connecting Each Other is a Real Challenge

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Connection game isn't a new concept on mobile gaming. Usually, it comes with match-3 game, flow free, etc. They are the classic examples of the connecting game. However, 1Path is a different game. You'll play as a circle here, where you should rescue your friends who have been stolen. With the tilt control, you'll connect yourself into your other friends one by one, following the existing path. That's why this game called 1Path (#may be..).

Save your friends by connecting each other

Remember Slingshot Racing or Magnetized? You will find kind of slingshot here, but it's definitely not an Angry Bird game. You will follow the path and coloring your other friend by touching them using tilt control. The game walks bit slowly at first, and I might say if it like of tutorial levels until level 14. However, well... the real challenge just begun after that level. The difficulty ramps up pretty quickly.

It's challenging when your path start rotating, as you can imagine you should follow the rotating path meanwhile you're also a circle where in fact you're also rotating itself. Feels not challenging enough? Well, you'll find some obstacles such as laser, bomb, and dark fog. Laser and Bomb will make you died instantly, sometimes you're required to activate those bombs and dodge them at the same time to pass a level.

Be fast, accurate, and precise

For the dark fog, it'll make your screen become darker, and there's a little light only to spot the path. This will make you more careful when trying to follow the path. However, life is never flat and I bet it won't be fun anymore if there's nothing challenging inside. There's timer which will force you to finish every level as soon as possible. It's required to get some stars, though sometimes you need to complete other objectives such as collect all the energies for gain the star.

And you know what... the worst thing ever happen in this game is, when you died suddenly while you just need to finish one more circle only. Yes, that's it... But, hey buddy... don't give up too soon. If you need any help, there're some power ups which kindly help you. You can buy them via coins which you get from gaining the stars. If you feel, the coins not generous enough for buying the power ups, you can purchase more via shop, but this definitely optional only except if you're suck so much in this game.

You can download 1Path for free on the app store. The game consists of 60 levels. Don't worry, you won't find ads, paywall, nor energy system here. So, you can play this game as much as you want and this was I expected for a freemium game. Bought the IAP to appreciate and support the dev. Well done.. Kudos for developer, this game deserved as well as it should be.

Graphic/ Sounds: 4 out of 5
Gameplay: 4.5 out of 5
Game Control: 4 out of 5
Replay Value: 4.5 out of 5
Overall: 4.25 out of 5

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