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[Upcoming Game] for the 2nd Week of May (May 15, 2014) Released

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Next week will be a great week for iOS gaming, I have collected at least 12 games which will be released on the next week, well, of course if nothing changed :). As usual, if you know more upcoming iOS game for the next week which unlisted here, please let me know ^^.

Atom Run on May 15

Biosis on May 15 costs $1.99 (IAP $0.99 to unlock PRO mode)


Bricks on May 15

CiRCA6 on May 15

Darkin on May 15 costs $2.99

Elarooh on May 15

Elroy and The Aliens on May 15

Globosome on May 15

Hellraid: The Escape on May 15 costs $2.99

Hypersquare on May 15

JoyJoy on May 15 costs $1.99

10s on May 13 Free

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