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[Opinion] Be a Smart Buyer, Be a Smart Gamer

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Few weeks ago, I just shared my opinion about the IAP also opinion about being a mobile gamer. Today's topic may be feel bit silly and unnecessary. However, it keeps bothering me when I saw some silly reviews on the App Store because of stupid reasons.

- One star review just because the game was crash on their iOS device

Come on, everybody know about this. First, please make sure if you've read the app description about the compatibility of the app, either the minimum OS nor the device. Sometimes, it's annoying when Apple doesn't allow the developer to choose which device that can run their apps properly and put it directly on requirement area, not inside the app description. So, when it's not compatible with your device, though you've the minimum OS, you shouldn't be able to install it.

Second problem comes from the app which crash constantly. Have you try to restart your device first? Is that solve the problem? No? Then try to do hard reset on your device. Don't know how to do it? Then you should ask Google or you can check this link. Hey, this problem still exist and I'm so mad because I paid this game for $5. Calm down... Use the app support button to report your problem/ feedback to the developer. Usually, it comes 2x 24 hours for them to respond your email. So, be patient and let them solve your problem. However, if you don't have enough patient and you feel cheated, you might ask for refund. It's easy right, rather than you write your anger on the App Store Review.


Q: It's my right to write any review on the app store based on my personal experience, why you disallow it?
A: No, I'm not. I just want to clarify 2 things.  First, does other person face the same problem like you? If not, you can't judge it too soon. Try to solve your own problem first properly before you blame anything in front public. Second, if you don't feel satisfied you might ask for a refund too, so the problem was solved right?and.. nobody incur loss.

Q: Why I shouldn't left a one star review, it will encourage developer to work an update for their game right? They need an honest review from their customer.
A: Yes, that's true. However, let's take a look where does the game comes from. If it comes from your local country, the dev might see all of those reviews, but if not, mostly selected countries only such as US, UK, Canada which will be used as reference for feedbacks. So your effort here just useless. Using the app support is the best option to solve your problem rather than left 1 star review.

Q: If it'll be like that. I don't think I need to left any review on the future.
A: No, you're wrong. Left any review on the app store can give 2 benefits. First, you'll help other people to decide before they purchase that game. Second, it'll improve your writing skill. Okay the second one is optional only, but let's think about other people (developer) who got more purchase because of your review. Don't you feel meritorious lol? Okay, it doesn't mean if you expect anything as reward but you've make some kindness, a real kindness from your heart :P, also you don't need to use English language to write every review on your App Store, just use your main language except if you live on English based country.

Q: So, what should I do when I found any bugs from the app?
A: Use the app support button and report it to the dev. I believe they'll be happy with your feedback and they'll working hard to improve their game.

- 5 Star when it's free (here means no IAP)

Do you ever read this kind of review:
"This game is great, but it forces you to pay after 4 levels to unlock the rest of the game. So, 4 stars only. I'll update it with 5 stars when you made all levels free."
Actually, this is the most weird review I ever read. Seriously, I'm wondering why people keep thinking that every games should be free. Well, I'm too tired to say this one, but I think most of us have been know that make a game ain't easy. It needs a hard work, time dedication, license cost, programming skill, and many more. However, still there're some dumb people who won't give 5 stars because of the game isn't 100% free though actually the game deserve for 5 stars. Is that mean if every game should be free to able get the perfect 5 stars? Are you kidding me? This game contains only one single IAP to unlock the full game, but you still complaint #sigh

On the same time, there's another group of people who dislike IAP or anything that related with freemium aspect. I think it's a hard problem to be solved. May be someday there'll be an better agreement between a freemium and paid aspect on mobile gaming story. I won't to talk about this today because it's too complicated to be discussed X_X


Before you buy any game, please check the basic info from the game itself. Apple might not contains as many junk as Google Play does, but that's doesn't mean if there's no SCAM app inside. So you need to be a smart buyer now. Let me give you some tips before purchasing any game.

a. Check the app description, the developer/ publisher, and the screenshots.
Make sure if all of them legit before hit that buy button.
b. Check the app size, if the screenshot looks AAA enough in your eyes.
Do you believe if it'll be only 30 MB or less in size for an AAA game? Hmm, I doubt with the quality if yes... Okay, let's think positive first... It's an online game or the partial data of the game will be downloaded after you installed the game (downloading additional data in the first launch)
c. Check the history of the developer itself by check their previous (published) apps
Also check the developer website will be helpful too. If too many suspicious thing which found inside, the app might be SCAM. So, be careful.
d. Take your own risk by buying the game
If the game was legit... Congratulation for that, if not go report the problem to Apple and tell your problem clearly.

I think it's enough for today. My advice, always be a smart buyer and be a smart gamer. Think first before take the next step :). Have other or different opinion? Sure, don't hesitate to post yours on comment section. See ya on my next post :D

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