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[Upcoming Game] for the 3rd Week of April (April 17, 2014) Released

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I have a high hope for next week release. There's a game which I've been waiting for long time ago. If you ever seen my post about upcoming game from my IGF post series, you might found about Revolution 60. After take a look on their official website, I found if that game is a mixture between Heavy Rain and Mass Effect. Other thing which amaze me a lot, was the team behind it, Giant Spacekat is a women based team. Okay, if there's nothing changed, Revolution 60 will be released on April 18, just wish if it comes true. Beside of that, Jungle Rumble also come in April, if it's not coming this week, it might be out on April 24.

So far there's not many upcoming games for the next week, if you know game(s) which might not included in this list, feel free to post it on the comment section.


It's a twitchy game with first person view and blue neon graphic like in TRON movie

Revolution 60

This is my most anticipated game for the next week. Hope this will be released on Thursday. It's an adventure game with some action, strategy and of course a cinematic story line.

Jungle Rumble

Who can resist with those cute monkeys? I like rhythm game and this one doesn't look like a game that should be miss


It's a point and click game with hand drawing graphics

Goomy: Journey to Rainbow Land

Looks like a platfomer game with colorful graphic


An endless runner (flying) game with greek theme inspired

iO (The Game)

Well, though it has a short title, it doesn't mean if 150 levels are tiny amounts of levels

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