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[Sunday Play] Let's Play Echochrome and Wonder Golf!

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Well, this Sunday I found a pretty hidden game. This game might reminds you with a PS3 game, it even has the same title also the gameplay. To be honest, I never play the actual Echochrome II on PS 3, so I won't say if this game was a clone nor a rip-off. One more, I played a great free golf game too and I believe you can't resist with its cuteness :D.

Echochrome Mobile: Shadow Physic

Okay, first time I saw this game, I doubt the legitimate of it. The official website was in Chinese language and there's no necessary information about the game inside. I'm thinking about Shadowmatic at beginning but Echochrome does have the different game style. Well, I can't resist with my own curiousity then I bought the game and tried it. In Echochrome mobile, your main goal is let the ball rolling and reach the finish hole safely. All you need to do is move the bulb and make sure if the reflected shadow on the wall will allow the ball to rolling in the right path.

At first, you should finish it all at once. As long as your level increasing, there'll be more than one bulb for each level. When you have more than one bulb, it means that you need to solve the level in several steps. However, the amount of the bulbs mean the steps that you have, so you must use it wisely though sometimes you don't need to use all of them. The more bulbs available will give you more chance to stop the event for a while (like freeze the time), and here you can change the platform's position to let the ball falls in the right path and reach the finish properly. There's also some modifiers item here which made the ball can move slower also faster while it hits the modifier items.

There're 30 levels which can be played so far. There's nothing regret on me cause bought the game. My only wish either it's a clone or not since the actual Echochrome II doesn't come for iOS, Echochrome Mobile is the most similar one and it's worth your bucks. In my sight, looks like the developer remake all levels inside this game, there's even a flappy bird like level which I doubt you can find this one in the actual Echochrome II game. Okay, this game might has same concept also gameplay, but the level design was completely different. As I knew from what I've seen on YouTube video, the actual version has more complex levels design and items, it uses ragdoll instead of ball too. I'm also made a short gameplay video of this game, which can be check below.

App Store Link: Echochrome Mobile: Shadow Physic, $1.99

and this the actual Echochrome II Gameplay

Ps: I just realized if the first Echochrome has Monument Valley like gameplay :D

Wonder Golf

I remember that Momonga Pinball was one of the best pinball game I ever played. Usually, I'm not into DeNA game because mostly DeNA games are typically card battle game which I don't like it. However, when I saw this game I think I should give this one a shot especially when I knew its came from Momonga Pinball developer, Paladin Studios.

I can feel the same graphic style that inspired by momonga game here. It has cute 3D graphics as usual. Wonder Golf uses Alice in Wonderland theme. If Momonga used a squirell as a ball, here you'll use Alice as the golf ball. With one touch control, you need to reach the hole as soon as possible or depends on what kind challenge that you should complete. I might not too far into this game, but mostly you have limited shots or limited time challenges here.

The game use 3 stars scoring system, you'll need them to unlock the next level tier. Collect the gems as many as possible for gaining the best score. Discover the cat to unlock special bonus level. Since it's freemium game, it also has energy system with 15 minutes charging time. However, you will lose energy on if you failed in a level. Just give this game a go and  believe me, you will like it :)

App Store Link: Wonder Golf, Free

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