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[Sunday Play] Let's play Chilie and Monument Valley!

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Oops... it's quite late... haha... Nevermind, you can play games everyday no matter what day is it :P
This week I played mobile games only and I also got my new iPad.. hurray lol. I won't be worried about crash anymore, at least until the next 2-3 years further. Okay, this week we have Monument Valley and Chilie to be played.

Monument Valley

I bet most of you have been know about this game. Okay, for me this game is "perfect". I don't think a game should be 4 or 5 hours long to be finished. For me, a game is something to be enjoyed. Game is about an experience of the player and it doesn't measure by the time, but by its quality of experience.
Monument Valley is a game where you play as Ida who looking for her true identity. Actually, before you finished the game you have already seen her true self but may be you just didn't realize about it.

It's a game about optical illusion, everything here is different depends on how do you look at it. Do you know impossible object? Nah most of the levels inside this game uses impossible object. Its brilliant and will make you think about how beautiful the geometry shape is :p. Don't worry you won't found any math problem inside lol. Okay may be it's not funny :[. You can rotate, change block direction, etc by swiping on it. Every level is unique and you won't feel the same feeling twice. Each level has its own personality and it give a sweet meaning inside.

You can't game over here, but you have enemies. Those black crows will block your way. You need to manipulate the path and avoid them or may be just go ahead and face them. Don't worry, they don't bite. Sometimes you don't need to make Ida walks for completing the level, there's a time where you should utilize the black crow to modify the path or to finish the quest. Monument Valley can be finished in 90 minutes or less depends on your skill. It's about experience of pleasure game and just enjoy it with no rush.

App Store Link: Monument Valley, $3.99


Chili is not chilie. Uhmm, though she loves to eat it until she has red hair, may be because she ate pepper too much :p or is that chili? Doesn't she feel hot on her mouth :| ? hmm... dunno
Chilie is a game which told about the adventure of young asian (chinese) girl named chilie. She is 6 years old, but she feels she has mature enough though in fact, she's naughty, stubborn, and noisy, but she's a sincere girl too (sometimes).

If you love mathematic lesson, so you aren't play the wrong game. Here in Chilie you will help Chilie and her guardian to achieve their goals. For a math problem, you will face a random number that should be reached in limited actions only. For example: 55, there'll be 4 arrow with number mark on it. Like x2, +1, -1, +20, etc. You need to calculate those number until it reach the 55, at first there's already number 1 on the board, so you need to add it with the correct number, you can grab more math operations (number) but you can obtain 4 only in the same time. Luckily you can change it whenever you want.

After you completed the math problem, you can watch short cinematic scene about the chilie's adventure. Not just math problem only, but you will get some scenes where you should finish some chain movements by swiping on the screen quickly. For example: for the left arrow, you need swipe to the left, and so on. Unfortunately, this swipe area need to be improved. Right now, the control area is too narrow. We need to swipe it exact on the arrow mark which was not quite comfortable in my opinion. There're 30 levels inside with some power-up contents which can be unlocked after you achieve enough stars from the game. If you want to progress faster, you can buy additional peppers from the IAP shop too.

App Store Link: Chilie, Free

Google Play Link: Chilie, Free

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