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[Sunday Play] Let's play Voxel Rush, Unpossible and Haunt The House!

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This week Sunday playlist is quite special. Well, actually I'm not going to play those games today because tomorrow I'll have some tests also for the next two week, so pardon me if I can't post more Sunday Playlist on April 27 and May 5 too. However, I promise if I get some spare time,  I might make a quick brief post about game suggestion.
I think most of us have been sick enough with endless runner game. However, when it comes with a new challenge or in other word a "speedy speed (ultra fast speed)", I can't resist with it. I'm kind of gamer who loves fast paced arcade / twitchy games.

Voxel Rush

This game definitely reminds me with Race The Sun game. Since that game 'never' comes into iOS, Voxel Rush can be one of the most similar one with race the sun game. I won't say it's a clone since it has different model and gameplay. The game has been out on several countries (UK and NZ). I played this game since the beta version and I'm definitely enjoying the game. The game uses first person point of view, with tilt control you should steer and run as far as possible. Avoid all those voxels and pick up the red block to increase your score.

One thing which make this game so impressive is the surprise that happened every x seconds. Those kind of events such as; growing voxels, earthquake, tunnel of the death, etc make the game more challenging. In addition this game also has cross platform multiplayer feature where we can make a 'war' with those android fan boy... lol. Voxel Rush also has kamcord integrated for helping you make awesome record during the gameplay. Definitely worth to play if you're into endless runner game and don't worry tilt control works flawlessly here.

App Store Link: Voxel Rush, Free
Google Play Link: Voxel Rush, Free


If you can't enjoy Voxel Rush this time, then Unpossible can be a great deal for you. Both of those game are great. In Unpossible, you will use first person point of view too. However, the area is narrower here. Unlike Voxel Rush, you will move on the infinity pipe alike and you should avoid all the barriers on there. Think easy enough? Not really.  No power ups, no revive, all you need is pure your skill only. Don't blink or you will be death and this game doesn't have pause button or am I missing something :p? That's mean once you play the game, you should be focus and don't let other bother your trip.

You can play this game use tilt, touch, or MFi controller. I prefer touch rather than tilt. The game has 4 default mode, cruise (zen mode), Simplicity, Futile and Ultra. You can unlock a new mode once you reach 60 seconds on the previous mode. You got kamcord feature too here, so you can took some records of your awesome gameplay and share it to your friend.

App Store Link: Unpossible, $1.99

Haunt The House

The game might has been out since long time ago. However, it's absolutely a free web game which can be play for 15 minutes or so on depends on your 'scary' skill. It's really a funny game where you should scare people away from the house. As a ghost you can manipulate almost everything inside your house, such as lamp, candle light, piano, harp, dining table, etc. At the beginning, you can't do much action to scare out the people. Try to make some creepy action to increase the spooky atmosphere. When you got enough scary skill, you can do more creepy action such as make monster shape, make horn sound, piano sound, etc.
However, always remember to make those people scared away from your house not let them suicide ;)

If you love the game, there's also a new sequel called Haunt the House: Terrortown which can be purchased here for your PC/ Mac.

Kongregate: Haunt The House
Armor Games: Haunt The House

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