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[Opinion] What do you think about being a Mobile Gamer?

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You're a gamer. I'm also a gamer, but what kind of gamer are you? Casual, mid-core or hardcore? Well, I won't talk about that this time. Today I want to share my opinion about being a mobile gamer, start from for buying games pattern on mobile world, basic mobile gamer's think, and more. Since there're so many unpredictable reality happened on gaming world nowadays, I think I need to write and list it all. However, like I said above, my main point here is for mobile gaming since I'm a mobile gamer.

What do you think before purchasing any game? What kind of aspect that decide you to buy any games? Gameplay, price, graphic, description? Okay, those are the main aspects that give you clear reason for buying a game. However, I feel something has been changed... changed so much on mobile gaming world. First reason, why I love mobile gaming because it's easy for me to play any games anywhere, anytime I want from my phone/ tablet. Time after time, mobile gaming grows bigger and better.... until one day... people start thinking about the price of mobile gaming and change the basic stereotype of mobile gaming. From easy access into cheap access. Yes, too many people start thinking that mobile games are always cheap. Well it's a reality when you saw any games on the App Store, mostly of them cost only $0.99 - $9.99 except for Final Fantasy Games and this is my second reason too why I love mobile games.

If you compare it with PC games, mostly of them cost about $4.99 - $59.99 even more. Could mobile games cost that much? Right now, it can... but the ratio of buyer will be 1:5 even less compare with one  dollar game. I have seen so many people with a bad judging to mobile games on their mind. The worst thing, after the cheap access stereotype, people start to think that mobile games suck in quality too. Okay, I must admit if mobile games are pretty cheap. With $10, you can get 10 mobile games at once, meanwhile you only got 2 PC games. But, can we erase this stereotype? I hope so.

However, a cheap cost doesn't mean it doesn't meet the quality. Making game ain't easy, also it needs so many cost which aren't cheap enough. Developer needs money for making their games for production, license, programming, art, music, etc, but do we ever think about it? We just know when a developer making mobile games they should make it cheap, at least make it cost not more than a ehmm... 2 bucks.

Fortunately, not everyone thinking like that. Thanks for them, developers who brought quality game such as Oceanhorn, Badland, FTL, Monument Valley, X-Com Enemy Unknown, and more with premium price into mobile platform. Does it success?  Yes, it does. How about a quality game which was cheap? Does it success? Yup, but not at all especially when it comes from unknown/ new indie developer. Too many people doubt about game from unknown developer? Should developer get chance? Of course yes. Nah here, the ironic story of being mobile developer begins:

I can say this because I've seen by my eyes so many people write like this into a game from unknown developer on the forum. The game definitely has beautiful appearance and it's really intriguing your eyes, but you said:

- "Wow, the game definitely intriguing my eyes but I don't know the developer. It cost more than a buck too ($2.99). I might waiting until someone TOFTT or may be a price drop. I doubt about this."
This is what happen when a mobile games cost more than 2 bucks.

- "Hmm... it's a freemium game. I hope the IAP doesn't ruin it. Anyone here have try this? How about ads? Any ads inside? The game looks cool but I'm afraid it doesn't worth my download."
Well, nothing wrong with this sentence okay you might don't have enough data package that's why you said like that. Just look for wifi then try it buddy

- "Anyone here try this game? It might cost a buck only, but it does have IAP inside. I think this will be free soon."
This... what happen when a game costs a buck with IAP inside, though the dev have wrote about non-impulsive IAP but nobody care :|

- "Man, the game is so expensive. I'm wondering if it has a quality. How long the game was? I want to buy this but I'm afraid about the short playtime and replay value."
and... this what happen when a game cost more than $4 especially when it comes from indie developers

So, what should indie developers do? Okay, they make their game freemium or a buck with some IAP inside, but why? Oh God, I don't think there's another reason for not making their games free after read those comments above. Unfortunately, user blames them.... "What are you thinking?", "F*** you, I won't buy any games from you again."
That's why we got so many freemium crap and flappy bird/ threes clones everyday inside the app store. Aren't you sick with all of this? Me...? Since long time ago ]:[ . I have tired with all of them, and more ironic when knowing my friends know about 2048 game but they don't know who's the father of it.. Threes Threes Threes.... This game is 200% better than all of those clones. That's why make it free with ads and IAP are better. Sometimes it so hard for making a paid game. That's why make it free with ads and IAP are better, but user is never satisfied they always blame everything on developer. Developer also human, they need money for their family, they need to life. So, when someone said a game like Monument Valley for being free for a day, I don't know what's on his/her mind. That person said noone will buy a one hour playtime game which was cost $3.99.

Come on, dude.... PC games cost more than that and not few PC games which has a short playtime like MV did too, but are you complaining? No.. right? Back to my statement above. The Stereotype of mobile games are always cheap become worse day by day. From easy access to cheap access now become cheap price for high quality game with AAA graphic, 10 hours gameplay, and wonderful soundtrack. Seriously? Are you kidding me? You expect all of those aspect on a one or two bucks game? Dude, now I ask to you some questions: How much a starbucks coffee cost? It's more than 5 bucks and you pay it happily with no bargain. How long do you need to drink it? One hour :p? How much one beef burger cost? More than $5 and you eat it with no complain. How does it taste? Only last on your mouth for... may be 5-10 minutes long but you're happy because you're full right now. Am I right?

So what's happen with games? Well, when a game meet its quality, no matter how long is it. It will give a sweet deep feeling about its experience. Because a game isn't something for rush, it's a thing for us to be enjoyed. Game is like our life, sometimes it's short but it's sweet, sometimes it's long but it does give pain for the person itself :p. Got it? Okay, I'm not trying make any poem of games. Back to the topic...

In conclusion, back to ourself what we are expecting for mobile gaming in the future? If we don't want to change our point of view from now, mobile gaming world won't be success and it will be full filled of freemium crap and junk clones everyday. Is that what you want? Not, right..? Now the last question: How to change it, how to erase that wrong label of mobile game? 
Actually, it's easy when we respect the developer, appreciate their project/ work. They will made a good quality games too. Most developers are gamers and I believe they will make their game enjoyable for every gamer who play their games. As developer, you should respect for our feedback too. Open your mind, improve the game by giving regular updates and I believe mobile game can reach console and PC quality class. There's no barrier anymore between mobile games and PC/ Console Games. Being a mobile gamer isn't cheap nor suck. We are gamer, we are same, no matter what platform do we play our games on. We expect for a quality game. Yes, that's it... all about quality.

Have other opinion? Don't hesitate to post your comment below. Also, for the person that I mention above, I don't mean anything to you. I did this because I've been tired about the wrong thought of mobile games. Cheers :)

Ps: This time I want to use meme comics, because I love it XD that's it

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