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[Upcoming Game] for the 4th Week of March (March 27, 2014) Released

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Hello again, after vacuum about two weeks.. (Yes, no post because there's not many games which released on those time :( Too bad). Next week will be pretty great. At least there're 8 new upcoming games so far.. Let's wish for more ;)

Mount Olympus - Out Now

From Tesla Mist's maker comes a new point n click adventure game. Today's you should find those missing Greek's Gods.

Shu's Garden - Out Now

Sometimes, there's a time when I want to go back into my childhood again. This cute Shu just reminds me with my childhood where all things are fluffy.. lol  Now I want to buy the Shu's plush... ;)

Oo - Out Now

It's definitely not boobies :P Well, this definitely looks... hard

Saving Raylene - Out Now

Looks easy but it feels the game can't say by words. Well, it's free so make sure to try this one.

Little Big Adventure

Cabin Escape: Alice Story


Tiny Space Adventure

Scuba Diver

Flashout 2

Sometimes You Die

Chaos Fighter

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