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[Sunday Play] Cyber Punk Game 2014

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Happy Sunday everyone! I barely play web game, but today when I'm hanging around seeking some #screenshotSaturday which piqued my interest. There're some sweet cyberpunk screenshots which considering my interest. Not just one, but so many. Okay, to make it brief, I tried those cyber punk games and... well it's pretty fun. Most of them are web based games. I just tried some of them, not all.. Well may be next week. So, here is some games which I think fun and enjoyable to be played. O yes, those games were submitted for cyberpunk game jam 2014. More info about this visit the official site:

Cyber Punk Jam


Cyber Rise

Warning: This game will challenge your spatial perception! Moving left or right will move you along the isometric axis ====> This which make the game special

Cyber Rise is an endless game where you should jump from one platform to another platforms, but don't think it's easy enough. Well just imagine the darkness, velocity and balance in one. Yes, that's the easiest way to describe this game.

Play here

Cyber Abyss

Well, it's hard seriously.. haha. Actually, that prize was intriguing my interest but... I'm not great enough to finish this... Can't even passed more than 3 seconds :P

Play here

9 point 9

It took about 30 seconds for me to understand what's going on here.. haha. This game is fun, bit reminds me with a game called Atomic+, but this one is harder. Actually, this game has a simple gameplay, you only need to grab the white cube before it's disappear, avoid the pink triangle and rectangle, and grab the blink-pink dot to destroy the enemies. However, this game is fast, and you need quick reflex to play this game or the time will run out. Well, Just try it... It's challenging...

Play here

The Guardeners

Tired of usual endless falling? Well, this is might the good option for you, control 2 characters at the same time? Why not? It's fun enough for me and may for you too :)

Play here

Cyb3r Pukes

This game reminds me with a childhood game which I like to play a long time ago. Instead of how many person we should make in a group,  here we should place our steps on the blue tiles to avoid from 'destroyer lightning', then hit a certain number of red tiles to advance to the next section.

Play here

Beat Connection

It's also an endless falling game, but this one has many obstacles. So, watch out of your head!

Play here

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