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Pull It Catch It Review - Don't Blink! Spin Your Circle

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It's bit sad when knowing a fun potential game didn't get much attention. Pull It Catch It has picked my interest since the first time I saw it. I decided to give this one a shot and what I've found? I really enjoy this game. Two days after released the game went free, I must admit if I'm bit mad with the dev's decision but alright I wish the sale goes well after that.

Unfortunately, like what you've read on my post before. Sometimes, life doesn't go well and until now there're only 66 players on Game Center Leaderboard which was too bad for a fun game like this and the worst thing it has ads now. I don't mind with ads but seriously, please don't put that during the gameplay. It's disturbing my sight or at least the dev should give restore purchase option to respect them who has bought his game before.

Alright enough for the introduction. Despite of how the game was right now, let's see why I still recommend you to try Pull It Catch It. Pull It Catch It is a simple twitch game where you will control a circle and should feed it with the right ingredients. The rule is simple, your circle has two sides, and each side should catch and fed by the right symbol. There're 2 kinds of symbol only, triangle and star. Catch the star and let it hit the star sign side, and let the triangle hit the triangle one. Simple right?

PICI Cover

A hungry circle that need to be fed

The control is also simple, tap the right screen to rotate the circle clockwise and tap the left screen to the opposite. You have 4 chances to stay alive here. Everytime you feed the circle with the wrong symbol it'll give you red alert. When you have enough heart, you can use it to heal the circle by tapping both of the screen. There're 4 kinds of different mode that you might try, Beat, Constant Fire, Assembly and Orbit. Each of them has different challenge. Let me tell you one by one.

PICI Screenshot 1

Beat Mode can be the easiest one and consist of 4 parts, each part can be unlocked after you reach the requirement score from the previous part. Also applied for other modes. For Example: In Beat 1, the circle will stay on the center of the screen and the pipe line will move automatically to catch the ingredients, you just need to focus rotate the circle and make sure each side got the right ingredients. Meanwhile, in Beat 3 the circle will disappear every 2-3 seconds and will pop up again randomly, that's why you should stay aware and don't blink or you'll lost.

Don't Blink and Don't Lose

The second mode, Constant Fire will change the screen direction and this will made your head becomes dizzy for a moment but trust me after several tries, there won't be anything bad happen to you.. hmm may be you only need bit paracetamol after play this for an hour... LOL Just kidding. Okay, the third mode is Assembly Line. Here, thing becomes more difficult. There will be more than 1 circle that should be fed by you, not directly but if the ingredients hit the wrong side on one of another circle. It'll also affect on the main circle (on your life). The higher part you play, the more secondary circles you met.

PICI Screenshot 2

PICI Screenshot 3

The last one is Orbit, this one is feel like Constant Fire but with more brutal and crazy aspects. Imagine that your circle spin together along with a changing screen. Well, in the first part, the screen will become smaller and smaller after several moments you play. That's bad especially if you have a minus sight like me T_T. The second part is twice harder because your screen will resize from big-small-big-small continuously and remember that you need to rotate your circle and fed it too.

PICI Shop Screenshot

There's also a shop where you can buy a new circle with better absorption power. Better circle will give you a better absorption ability and better score too. Like I was said above, the game was free now with banner ads inside. Too bad there's no option to remove the ads nor restore purchase button. Actually, I don't mind to pay this again to remove ads since this game gives me so much fun and unfortunate to miss.. Well, I just bit disappointed with your decision, dev but I wish all the best for your game.

Graphic/ Sound: 3.5 out of 5
Game Control: 3.5 out of 5
Gameplay: 4 out of 5
Replay Value: 4 out of 5
Overall: 3.75 out of 5

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