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[Opinion] What I've seen from an iOS App (Games) Part I

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There're so many new games that released on the App Store also Google Play. Sometimes it's easy to found the hidden gems inside App Store but sometimes not. Today I want to share my opinion as mobile gamer and talk about what kind of games that give the most appeal in my sight. Before you said anything further, this is internet where you're free to post anything in your mind (**as long as it's still respectful). So, all the contents that you read below is pure my opinion.. Just in case, you want to share your comments too, please don't hesitate to post it below this post :)

I. Application - Buying Time

A. The Icon

I think this is the main point which decided if a game will be success or not. An eye catching icon is a must. An icon must give a clear identity about the game. We can clearly know what game is it just by looking on its icon only. I bet all of you must see this first before deciding to learn more about an unknown game that you never seen before. Moreover, I know there're some people who loves to keep the game just because it has beautiful icon only... In addition, they are proud to show and see those icons appear on their home screen.

B. The In-Game Screenshots and Gameplay Video

If you think you'll make someone curious by giving one screenshot only, that's a big big no. Trust me... Well, it might be appealing for some people but not much, especially if the screenshot doesn't explain anything about the gameplay. That's why you need in-game screenshot not the concept art/ in-menu screenshots. That's different, dude... Also you'll need a trailer video and gameplay video. Both need to give teaser for the audience and give a clear sight about how the gameplay will be.

C. The Description

I'm pretty lazy to read some descriptions of the game especially if it's too long. However, it's still a must to give the user a quick glance about your game. You don't need to describe your game until 1000 words, it's unnecessary. All you need to do is make it briefly, list all the features that your game had and don't forget to add good phrase either motto or another great thing which telling about your game. Give some special attention about supported device, IAP information, and background story.

D. The Title

The best title for your game is make your own word to name your game or use max 3 words for naming your game. Don't use too many words (such as: full version, a great arcade game, a good game to test your reflex)... Man, put it on your app description not on the title. Avoid to use popular word because your game will easier to be sunk on the deep... It's not good for beginner

For example: 
Stubies, Tengami, Pivvot, Oceanhorn are great examples for one word title.
Make an eye catching title-sentence like: Continue?9876543210, They Need To Be Feed, In Fear I Trust. They are good too.
If you create a sequel, giving number behind the title is acceptable too. Such as Modern Combat 4, Temple Run 2
A big no title: 
Love Candy SagaAn addictive free match-3 game with different twist 
Run, Fly, Jump! - nah though this feels better than the first one, but it's too common and people won't interest on it.
Flappy Bee, Flappy Dog, Flappy Pants--- Gosh I've been sick with all of this 

E. Game Center integration

It's a minor thing, but for avid gamers who love to collect some points also compete in leaderboard. This one is a must too. Although, there're some cheaters outside but dude as developers I believe you can cope that problem, moreover apple has give the ability to developer for controlling the leaderboard. That's why don't miss this one on your game too.

F. App Support and Developer Website

Either it's only Facebook or twitter page, though can be better if there's official website too. All developers should provide complete information about your game. Sometimes if I just found one screenshot only, I keep visiting the developer site to sneak and search some information about your game. I don't want to speculate buying a game which don't have enough love for it. You are the developer, you're the one who know much about your game and you should love it... Always spread the sweet words about your game though there's no one realize on it... (at first). However if you maintain your game pretty well, you can do it better.

to be continued part II - Developer Side....

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