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Primal Flame Review - Beat the Darkness with the Light

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What happen if there's no light anymore on this world? May be you can feel that right now, from this game. Primal Flame, a game which was made by Irrelevant Fish, will let you play as a "match" hero. You'll be in the fairy tale forest-alike and you need to beat the darkness with your power. How can you do that? You've a super flame along with your powerful spell to help beat the darkness. You need to survive, stay alight as long as possible and collect the light seeds. Don't let the darkness take over the forest.

Primal Flame Cover

The game is pretty simple. You control the match by swiping your finger to light the match, then hold down to maintain the light. There'll be some obstacles such as leaves, falling darkness, etc depends on which location do you play. They will block your way to collect the light seeds. You should avoid them, or your flame life will be decrease. Those light seeds can be used to replenish your flame life also for unlock another light/ spell on the shop. Think too easy for you? Wait, there're wild flower which will chase also want to capture you. They are so bad, because they also try to grab your life resource. Yes, they will grab the light seeds too.

Light your way to beat the darkness

Fortunately, you can defeat them by burning their stem though you should be careful because they can easily capture you when you're careless. The longer time you live here, the harder enemies will you faced. Beside they become faster, their number also increasing. In this case, you can use your powerful spell for the urgent condition. There're 3 kinds of spell such as; Deus Ex can burn all the flowers stem and collect all light seeds, Guardian will protect you for a moment and Sands of Time which will slow down the time. However, you can obtain one spell only for each playing after unlocking them from the shop. To use that, you just need to touch the screen with 3 fingers during play. This spell has 30 seconds cooling down time in default.

Primal Flame Screenshot 2

There're 3 locations that can be played so far. Each location has different condition and give different challenge too. You can unlock the next location after reach level 15 on the previous location. Primal Flame is a premium game with high replay value. Like I've said before, it might has shop, but it doesn't have any IAP inside. All the seeds that used for unlock other flame and spell can be gained, pure by playing only. Sometimes, I feel that's just too much and need too many efforts.

Use the magical spell to chase your victory

But hey, where's the point of this game if I can gain anything easily? Don't we need to struggle for a victory? Yes, luckily the developer still kind enough by giving away some light seeds for every completed objective. Ah, I almost forget, there are 7 different flame colors on shop. Each of them has different ability, for example: Magnetic Ruby can attract seeds from farther away, Helio will give you bigger light, etc. You can choose which color do you want to use after unlocking them.

Primal Flame Screenshot 3

I like the graphic style of Primal Flame. It combines the black silhouette with a single color beautifully. The background color depends on which flame did you used. The mysterious and ambient sound effect gave a better experience for this game. Primal Flame can be download on the App Store cost $2.99 and you won't find any ads nor IAP inside. If you're looking for an arcade game with premium features, definitely you shouldn't miss this one.

Graphic/ Sounds: 4 out of 5
Game Control: 3.5 out of 5
Gameplay: 4 out of 5
Replay Value: 4.5 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5

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