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Mini Ini Mo Review - Because Teamwork is Important

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A friendship can't be shown by words only but also from its behaviors. Mini Ini Mo is a game about how should a friend be. Gilp Studio as the developer of this game tried to show us how teamwork is important in this game. Yes, at least that's the main lesson which I could learn from this game. In short story, far far away deep in the forest... There were 3 friendly creatures. One day, they found a yummy apple was hanging on the tree. They saw that and picked it without thinking. Unfortunately, it's a trap but here where the actual journey just begin.

At the first time, you will play as Mini (the bird creature) only. Mini has ability to turn on/ off the switch and as far as you play, you will rescue your other friends, Ini (the monkey) and Mo (the big lump). Each creature has different abilities. Ini can jump from one platform to other nearby platform, and Mo can eat the boxes, barrels, etc and many other abilities can be revealed during the play. With their different abilities, you will help them to escape from those strange places.

Teamwork is important...

Every level contains of 3 scenes but each scene is connected into each other. In other word, sometimes you can back to the previous scene to pick a collectible item only. There're 3 items to be collected for each level if you want to get a high score. Like candy, banana, cupcake, etc. However, it's not a duty for doing that. Your main goal here is help them to find the exit path as fast as possible.

Is there any timer on this game? Actually no. However, as long as your level was increased. It becomes more challenging. For example, in the world 2 level 3, you need to escape from that place before the water full fill the room. It forced you to think and choose the right way to escape all of them quickly. Too bad, there's no undo button for this game and that's why you can't make any mistake from this game or you should restart it again from beginning.

Never left your friends behind...

The puzzle of this game isn't too hard but not too easy. Variation is pretty well made. Make you think serious but not until you feel frustated and the great thing of this game is the core mechanic itself. Mini Ini Mo should help each other. Mo as the big one, can be used as base, where Ini and Mini can climb up on it. Mini, the smallest one can climb up on Ini and my favorite one was Mo's ability, where he eat Mini then spit it with Ini's help. Actually, it same like rocket launcher concept but with more "glorious" style.

Sometimes, the puzzle is tricky too and you just don't realize it. Like in the last puzzle at the world 1, I knew the solution by accident. At the first time, I never think about it though actually, it has been in front of my eyes since beginning... #duh.. So, that's why sometimes trial and error was needed for this game, also explore all possible way that can be a solution. 

Mini Ini Mo consists of 21 levels. It's not too many, but except you're a hardcore puzzle player, it took about 3-5 minutes for each level to be solved depends on your skill and the difficulty itself. Remember, it has 3 scenes of each levels. Unfortunately, there's no hint system nor skip option inside. So, nothing can help you when you got stuck.

The game costs $1.99 without any IAP inside. If you're looking for a puzzle game with intriguing mechanic, I recommend you to try this game or at least if you want to learn about how should a friend be, this game can help you to understand that... lol

Graphic/ Sound: 4.5 out of 5
Game Control: 4 out of 5
Gameplay: 4.5 out of 5
Replay value: 4 out of 5
Overall: 4.25 out of 5

IGF Entry: Mini Ini Mo

App Store Link: Mini Ini Mo
Google Play Link: Mini Ini Mo

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