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Continue?9876543210 Review - When Confusion Begin Everything

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Please Note: This Review was made based on the first version of the game. The actual game might have been changed much now. Regarding the control, the game has better control option now and it's one of my favorite game on 2013. Don't believe my said?  Prove it here ;) Thanks

It started with a beautiful opening scene, with a short touching story. You're a deleted/ died video game character but you want to figure out the peace before being deleted forever.  You don't want to be died now, and fortunately you got a second chance to life more longer. You woke up with 6 ram (lives) and 30 foo (money). Then, you will travel with a truck from one town to another town.

Once you arrived at a town, you will meet several strangers. Talk to some strangers, some of them will sell an entry for room or they can give you important information. That's why reminds what have you read, and keep your attention because sometimes there's a trap behind the door. There're several kind of entries, at least I found 4 kinds of entries. First, an entry with a riddle (you can choose it immediately by guessing it or leave it (exit) you'll get lightning/ pray as a result), a lucky entry where you choose want a lightning or pray from the person inside directly, the third one was a trap entry where you might lost ram or foo here and the last one was another entry such as a bar.

Learn the meaning of life...

There're 2 kind of timing inside this game. Once 2 x 60 seconds and other was 4 x 45 seconds. You need to clear each area before the time runs out or you'll get penalty. The penalty will destroy your shelter. You need shelter to protect you from the storm every time you completed 2 areas. The lightning is used to open the exit path in each area. The core gameplay of this game is really unique. For the 4 x 45 second area, you need to talk max 5 person before you got the first penalty. At this time, the penalty can be bring profit to you too depends on how do you face it.

For example, if you're lucky enough you just need to walk inside your dream and you got some keys to open some entries. However, life isn't fun without challenge especially inside this game. Sometimes, you might need to destroy some cube enemies first before you can get the keys, but if you lose here you will get shelter penalty or you can pay 80 foo or car part to get rid of the penalty.

For the 2x60 seconds area is pretty much harder than the 4x45 seconds area, you only get one assignment here. For example: chase the scarecrow, but man... it it flies so fast and hard to be chased. Beside that, there're some naughty cube enemies which chase after you. If you lucky enough, you can destroy it before it reaches you. If not, you should fight them in 2D side scrolling view and the control makes me feel bad for this scene. Also, if the time runs out you should run, run, and run, until you found an exit. A lightning will hit behind you. See the yellow cube? It helps you to teleport to other exit path. However, it's not an easy step too.

Continue?9876543210 by Jason Oda isn't an easy game where you can finish the game for 3-4 hours only. There're so many different beautiful scenarios which you can explore inside. Though eventually, your character will be died. At least, you can learn some meaningful things here. So far, I've learned about fear and loneliness. I'm pretty sure there's still a lot of secret behind this game.

Try to reveal the riddle...

Each time you play the game you will play a different character. There're 6 characters in total. Each character will explore 6 from 11 available areas. FYI, there's no sequence of the area, all was random. About the control, this game uses 4 direction d-pad and a tiny button to attack. At the first time, it's pretty hard to adapt with that. Fortunately, the more you play the game, it feels not too bad for this control. Your character still can move fast, but the down direction of the d-pad needs some tweaks. It feels slower than other buttons. Also, it'll be more awesome if we can customize the control's position.

For the graphic, there's no doubt about the graphic of this game. Every scenes, every pixel, every movement, I'm enjoying them so much. It's highly inspired by Sword and Sworcery game. To be honest, I have this game too but hasn't played it yet :P. The music was incrediblely awesome too. It has ambient music soundtrack that made you feel the game inside. I recommend you to use the headphone for the best experience.

Because you just need someone to talk with...

In conclusion, continue?9876543210 is a game about exploration, confusion and survival. You should explore all the possible ways if you want to stay alive, though sometimes you live in fear and feel you just need someone to talk. Then, eventually you choose to rest in peace because it's too hard to find a good field. All you need to do just keep continuing to play the game. Because, you never know what you might found inside.

Life is an adventure, it's a game where you can choose to survive or give up for being useless. Continue?9876543210 can be one of the weirdest, meaningful, beautiful game I ever played in 2013. Such an awesome story, I can play this game before the end of the year. More tweaking at the control will bring this game near perfect. A game with extraordinary story and fascinating experience, you can get it all in one just $3.99 only :)

Graphic/ Sound: 5 out of 5
Game Control: 3.5 out of 5
Gameplay: 5 out of 5
Replay Value: 4.5 out of 5
Overall: 4.5 out of 5

App Store Link: Continue?9876543210, $3.99
MAC /PC / Linux: Continue?9876543210, $5.99

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