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Bacon Game Review - Can a Vegetarian Play This?

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I must admit if I'm a Vegetarian and I feel guilty for playing this game... LOL. Of course no, Bacon the game is 100% safe to be played for everyone even if you're a vegetarian. Alright, Bacon the Game is a drawing game like Impossible Line, but this one has more complicated and challenging levels. I bet there's no animal was harmed for making of this game. However, I think the dev should add the option to change the bacon into carrot for vegetarian player like me in the next update ;)

You will play as a plane and your main goal is collect all the bacons in every level. Drawing is looks so easy at the first time. You just need to draw the line at first then press the "play" button and let your plane moves properly through the line. However, an easy game won't give anything fun for the players. That's why there's always something challenging inside the game.

100% Safe to be Played for Vegetarian...

Bacon Game gives some obstacles, such as wall for make the game more harder. You will game over once you hit the wall. Is that so...? Several first levels can be finished easily. Until, the next challenge was arrived. How about some moving obstacle... Nah, this time where the actual challenge just began. I need some trial and error to finish some levels. 

Wait, have I said if obstacle will be hidden during the gameplay? At the first time, you might see the obstacle position for few seconds, then you should draw the path to get the bacon and avoid the obstacles. Also, remember you have limited ink here, so use it wisely. In other word, Bacon Game will force you to create the best (shortest) path based from what have you seen before.

Bacon Game also has many power ups, such as shield, magnet, 3rd eye. Unfortunately, these power ups can be purchased via IAP only. Meanhile, you will find 2 kinds of currency here, bacon and maple bacon. This game is pretty generous, because you can have the premium currency by cooking the bacon. What the maple used for? It used for skip hard level, unlock new room or customize your plane/ path.

Draw the shortest path as possible...

Overall, you can play this game without spending any single penny. Except if you want to buy the bonus level or the power ups. This game might has simple graphic but don't think if the game is too simple too. Yes, it has simple control, idea, also gameplay mechanic. However, the execution of the game is more challenging than you might think. If you looking for a game which can train your memory, definitely give this one a shot

Graphic/ Sound: 3.5 out of 5
Game Control: 4 out of 5
Gameplay 4 out of 5
Replay Value: 4 out of 5
Overall: 3.88 out of 5

App Store Link: Bacon Game, Free

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