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[Sunday Play] Let's Play Platformer Games (PC Edition)!

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Okay, I'm kinda busy with all this messes. So sorry no post lately. There're several problems happened on me. My friend made me so worry all in sudden and I can't do anything to help him. My grandma felt so weak after her eyes got the second surgery, she keeps complain everyday. Alright, sorry for the intermezzo. So here my Sunday Playlist, drum roll... PC games... yes.. yes.. I'm moving on from mobile to PC... so #sing: 'So call me, call me, call me..miss moving on.... ' stop it.. I just kidding... No way, I'm loyal enough with my iPad... :p


This is not a new game, but I just try it out after bought this on STEAM Sale last summer. At first I played this game using keyboard as controller but it's not comfortable enough IMO to play this kind of game on laptop. So I decided to bought a game controller to play this game. Since I can't find any suitable single controller, I grabbed the twin one instead of the single one. Fly'n is a platformer game where you'll play as a tiny bud. Basically you can do walk, jump, double jump, also gliding here.

I just played the first bud named Fly'n:

Fly'n likes to sing. In default each level will have 3 different song tree which can be found by Fly'n, you need to collect all the orbs too, if you want to unlock the artwork. When you think, this game might looks monotonous and boring, you might be wrong. Some level has timer inside, where you should play and finish the game as fast as possible or you'll be die... hahaha (though you'll get child special offer if you get died repeatedly in the same stage :p). Fly'n can be switched between the good and the evil one (innate and subtle). It's required if you want to collect all the loots, also to solve the puzzle. The game has 4 different buds, Fly'n, Lyft, Ywok, also Nyls and consists more than 40 levels to be played. Well, it'll become a long journey for me to finished the game since I have bunch of reason to back on it ;)

Steam Link: FLY'N, $9.99

The Floor is Jelly

Beside playing Fly'n, I'm playing The Floor is Jelly too. Well, I like platformer game. Unlike Fly'n where you do know your goal while playing the game. You won't know anything inside this one. No text, just 'boing' bouncing and keep bouncing inside, exploring the area as many as you can er... want (till you beat the game, of course). Unfortunately, when I feel it's missing in some parts, ehmm, such as the full screen mode (wide screen) on my laptop, I have no idea why I keep loving this game, this game has minimalist appearance, beautiful colors, kinda feeling breeze, summer, and all the mix seasons while playing this and absolutely I really.. really... like it. Sometimes the game is easy to be played, sometimes it'll made you really frustrated.... Play hard, work hard? No.. Play hard, Try hard, that's it.

Like its title the platforms here were made from jelly, so it's bouncy, chewy, and I just need to type other similar expression like when you're eating jelly :D. The game using basic keyboard control, movement control and space to jump will be used to control the character inside this game. Your character will be move through the window which function like a portal. When you think, it's impossible to pass a level, actually it's possible, I just need to think out of my mind... yes not the box anymore :p.

The soundtrack was really ambient too, everytime my character hit the flower buds, it'll sounds 'tung' 'tung' like you touch a musical instrument. So cool... However, I have know how long is it yet, but sure the game is worth to try if you looking for a new twist in genre.

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