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[iOS Playlist] Dodo Master Walkthrough

By  Unknown     3:43 PM    Labels:,,,,,, 
Hi, just a quick post from me. First, happy birthday to me... yey :p! Second, I'm making walkthrough videos for an iOS platformer game called Dodo Master. Dodo Master is a fun brutal platformer game I ever played on iOS. The control is really precise, the graphic is beautiful, and of course the gameplay itself is really cool. I'm bit lazy today to write down the review here, but you can read my contribution review on Games In Asia Indonesia by clicking this link. Sorry, it's on Indonesian language only. However, to make it brief, Dodo Master is a recommended platformer game for iOS platform. It might be hard to be enjoyed at first but once you mastered it, it becomes so fun and enjoyable enough to be one of the greatest platformer on iOS platform.

Check my walkthrough videos below or click this link if there's any problem with the videos.

Ps: It's completed yet, only 7 out of 20 videos so far. Just wait for it, okay! :)

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