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There's some postponed release for the last week. Hellraid The Escape won't be released until July 2014. There's no further information about Elroy and the Aliens. For the next week, there's not many new upcoming games. There'll be a re-release game, 1Path. You can read the review here. It's a great puzzle game, btw. For the next week, I collect may be 5 or 6 upcoming games only. Hope, there'll be more surprise release for the next week. As usual if you know some upcoming games which unlisted below, please let me know :)

OTTTD costs $2.99

Globosome on May 22 costs $2.99

Parasol on May 22 costs $0.99

SXPD on May 22 costs $0.99 (Launch Price)

1Path on May 22

Pixel Golf on May 23 (iPad Only)

Spotology on May 23 costs Free

Intake is one of the game that declare to be aggressive, at first I might asking myself. Who should become the aggressive one? Us (as players) or the game itself? One more, the game also called itself as a shmup game but I don't think it's suitable, well... at least for the first time playing. Intake is a fast paced arcade 'tap tap' game. Yes, it's more like a tap tap game rather than a shmup game. It can be a shmup game too, but later after you unlocked the special mode.

Be Aggressive

Fortunately, being a tap tap game isn't a bad thing for Intake game. Actually, it's more enjoyable than a usual rhythm tap tap game. In this game, you must tap all the pills which has the same color with your color power. You can change your color power by tapping color bar in the bottom of the screen. As you can see, there's an indicator on the top of the screen which showing the remaining pills which you should tap in each level. Everytime you tap the right pills, you can create the combo chain which will multiply your score. Intake feels like an endless game, but actually it's not. The game consists of 100 levels with checkpoint in every 25 levels.

Everytime you die, you can choose wherever you want to start it over from the checkpoint. The difficulty of the game ramps up pretty quickly. It required a fast, quick and reflex reaction from the player. Also, for every 5 levels you passed, you'll face other random mode such as acceleration, flood, minefield, pro, or reaction. Unfortunately, acceleration mode means an instant death right now (in version 1) when you got no power up equipped, it's not because of the ultra fast speed from the game, but the control is being unresponsive whenever the game enter that mode T_T. Fortunately, that extra heart save my life. Yes, there're several power-ups here. Such as: extra life, embiggener, invincibility, slow mo, etc.

Calm down and control your feeling

You can unlock the gunship power up (shmup mode), but it cost so muchy, you need 1 million MG to unlocked it. FYI, I can grab about 2000-3000 for average once playing. Beside of that power-ups, you can unlock more soundtrack also colors palette too. The soundtrack of Intake is probably, one of the best soundtrack I ever played, kudos for that. Although, gameplay of this game sounds simple and easy, I can feel that the game gives the aggressive and addictive drug to the player itself.

You'll keep playing and retrying to break your hi-est score everytime you play this game. Followed by tapping the screen, wish if you'll never met the acceleration mode, try to make the combo as high as possible, can become some indications if you have addicted and unfortunately, you break your combo chain whenever you can't control your aggressive feeling anymore. You feel so mad, then yell on the screen and said: : "Dammit, just few more, one more step, and I'll break my latest record. Okay, give me one more chance, one more play" See, that's which happened with me ;) and I wish it won't happened on you too.

Graphic/ Sound: 4 out of 5
Game Control: 3.5 out of 5
Gameplay: 4.5 out of 5
Replay Value: 4.5 out of 5
Overall: 4.13 out of 5

Next week will be a great week for iOS gaming, I have collected at least 12 games which will be released on the next week, well, of course if nothing changed :). As usual, if you know more upcoming iOS game for the next week which unlisted here, please let me know ^^.

Atom Run on May 15

Biosis on May 15 costs $1.99 (IAP $0.99 to unlock PRO mode)


Bricks on May 15

CiRCA6 on May 15

Darkin on May 15 costs $2.99

Elarooh on May 15

Elroy and The Aliens on May 15

Globosome on May 15

Hellraid: The Escape on May 15 costs $2.99

Hypersquare on May 15

JoyJoy on May 15 costs $1.99

10s on May 13 Free

So, it's revealed.... Mountain Sheep secret project has been revealed. The game called Hardland. It's highly inspired by Zelda, Journey, Diablo, and more. This will be an action adventure game where everything in this game will be unique, from the creation of the world to the behavior of animals, operates by their own set of rules. This makes each play experience unique. Not much info I can explain about this game, but this game definitely gain my highest attention. You can read the 'first' full description about this game here.
Ah, I haven't know about on which platform this game will support on, but looks like it'll comes to PC first, since the game will have modding support like in Minecraft. Let's just wish it'll come to iOS too :D

Who enjoys minigore game? Me... How about King Hunt? Me.. Yes.. yes.. yes... If you love both of those games, then I have a good news for you. Right now, there's a new top secret project from Mountain Sheep. On March 1, 2014 the official twitter account of Mountain Sheep tweeted a new screenshot Saturday about their new top secret game. Well, I don't know what kind of game this will be, but looks like it'll be an adventure game with some building/ farming aspect. But, who knows and no matter what genre this game will be, it's still a good news to be tracking. You can see the rest of screenshots Saturday about their secret project below. Chao!

Well, I'm so excited really excited when knowing this game already released. If you take a look into my past posts. You'll found there're some articles about this game, mostly related with the release date of this game. It has been a long time since my last time to write review on my blog. Too busy for make an intensive review, but this game is an exception, I want to put this on my Sunday Play but I can't  :') So I decide to share why you should try this game.

It's not a random tap, it's a strategically tap

Jungle Rumble is a mix genre between music and strategy game. Basically, it's a music game like tap tap game, but in the same time there's a strategy which must be arranged to finish every level on this game. Someone said Patapon, sorry I never play that game, so I won't compare Jungle Rumble with it. Everbody has their own uniqueness, also with this game. Jungle Rumble is unique. In this game, you need to move the monkey from one branch's leaf to other branch's leaf by tapping on it.

At first time, I felt it's hard to match the beat with my tapping's skill. Then, I realize if there's a simple indicator on upper side of the screen which showing when is the right time to tap the screen. Duh, how stupid I am, why I late to realize it :p. After several playing, I can get my first gold medal. Yeah.... *Tears of victory :'D*. Okay, at first you might need to move one monkey only, then later you'll need to move more than one monkey together. For doing that, you only need quick reaction and quick thinking and match your feeling with the beats. Seriously, I doubt if there's any single beat which mismatched on this game. The more I play, the more my heart enjoying the beats and love those 'monkey dances' ;)

So, what's the goal on this game? You'll play as the black monkeys clan which should defeat those red monkeys clan. You can defeat them only by throwing coconut on them. It's okay when you following your enemy's step closely but never try to face to face with them with a bare hand or have smaller monkey's team on your side. You'll die easily.

To control the monkey here is really simple. You only need to tap the monkey once, then tap on the target path, back to the monkey, then to the target again. Remember to do it following the beats. As you realize, you'll see the purple chain surrounding the monkey, that purple chain will give more power for you to bring (move) more than one monkey and the more monkey you have, the more power you'll have. However, you should do it fast, because those purple chain won't last for a long time. To throw the coconut, you just need to tap your monkey three times, then hit the enemies on the right time.

Feel the beat, Enjoy the dances, Share the happiness

Every second is matter and crucial on this game, the beat will decide the right step which you choose, once you late, it might change everything, either score also the monkey itself. More matter, to earn medal you should complete all 3 main objectives, first the right timing (how many steps you take, fewer steps are better), then defeat all those enemies, and the last one, keep your team. If you have 3 monkeys on the first time, you should able to keep them until you win the game.

The game might looks easy at first, but don't judge the game too early. Still, the game needs a right strategy. It's not kind of rhythm game where you can tap on here, there, or wherever you like... No, not like that. Plan your own strategy, and your first step can lead you to the victory nor the history (read: dead x.x ). So think it wisely but be quick because everything changes in a beat (seconds). Remember, like in a war too, sometimes you need to be patient and waiting for the right time to launch your attack, so well with this game. Learn your enemy's movement, and defeat them perfectly.

Last words, Jungle Rumble brought a fresh movement on the App Store, while your expectation for a rhythm game not more than a quick tap tap game. Here, you'll get a real-time strategy too, of course without decrease the rhythm portion itself. It's a great mix between a rhythm with RTS game and definitely worth every single penny which have you spent on it.

Graphic/ Sound: 4.5 out of 5
Gameplay: 4.5 out of 5
Game Control: 4.5 out of 5
Replay Value: 4.5 out of 5
Overall: 4.5 out of 5

Few weeks ago, I just shared my opinion about the IAP also opinion about being a mobile gamer. Today's topic may be feel bit silly and unnecessary. However, it keeps bothering me when I saw some silly reviews on the App Store because of stupid reasons.

- One star review just because the game was crash on their iOS device

Come on, everybody know about this. First, please make sure if you've read the app description about the compatibility of the app, either the minimum OS nor the device. Sometimes, it's annoying when Apple doesn't allow the developer to choose which device that can run their apps properly and put it directly on requirement area, not inside the app description. So, when it's not compatible with your device, though you've the minimum OS, you shouldn't be able to install it.

Second problem comes from the app which crash constantly. Have you try to restart your device first? Is that solve the problem? No? Then try to do hard reset on your device. Don't know how to do it? Then you should ask Google or you can check this link. Hey, this problem still exist and I'm so mad because I paid this game for $5. Calm down... Use the app support button to report your problem/ feedback to the developer. Usually, it comes 2x 24 hours for them to respond your email. So, be patient and let them solve your problem. However, if you don't have enough patient and you feel cheated, you might ask for refund. It's easy right, rather than you write your anger on the App Store Review.


Q: It's my right to write any review on the app store based on my personal experience, why you disallow it?
A: No, I'm not. I just want to clarify 2 things.  First, does other person face the same problem like you? If not, you can't judge it too soon. Try to solve your own problem first properly before you blame anything in front public. Second, if you don't feel satisfied you might ask for a refund too, so the problem was solved right?and.. nobody incur loss.

Q: Why I shouldn't left a one star review, it will encourage developer to work an update for their game right? They need an honest review from their customer.
A: Yes, that's true. However, let's take a look where does the game comes from. If it comes from your local country, the dev might see all of those reviews, but if not, mostly selected countries only such as US, UK, Canada which will be used as reference for feedbacks. So your effort here just useless. Using the app support is the best option to solve your problem rather than left 1 star review.

Q: If it'll be like that. I don't think I need to left any review on the future.
A: No, you're wrong. Left any review on the app store can give 2 benefits. First, you'll help other people to decide before they purchase that game. Second, it'll improve your writing skill. Okay the second one is optional only, but let's think about other people (developer) who got more purchase because of your review. Don't you feel meritorious lol? Okay, it doesn't mean if you expect anything as reward but you've make some kindness, a real kindness from your heart :P, also you don't need to use English language to write every review on your App Store, just use your main language except if you live on English based country.

Q: So, what should I do when I found any bugs from the app?
A: Use the app support button and report it to the dev. I believe they'll be happy with your feedback and they'll working hard to improve their game.

- 5 Star when it's free (here means no IAP)

Do you ever read this kind of review:
"This game is great, but it forces you to pay after 4 levels to unlock the rest of the game. So, 4 stars only. I'll update it with 5 stars when you made all levels free."
Actually, this is the most weird review I ever read. Seriously, I'm wondering why people keep thinking that every games should be free. Well, I'm too tired to say this one, but I think most of us have been know that make a game ain't easy. It needs a hard work, time dedication, license cost, programming skill, and many more. However, still there're some dumb people who won't give 5 stars because of the game isn't 100% free though actually the game deserve for 5 stars. Is that mean if every game should be free to able get the perfect 5 stars? Are you kidding me? This game contains only one single IAP to unlock the full game, but you still complaint #sigh

On the same time, there's another group of people who dislike IAP or anything that related with freemium aspect. I think it's a hard problem to be solved. May be someday there'll be an better agreement between a freemium and paid aspect on mobile gaming story. I won't to talk about this today because it's too complicated to be discussed X_X


Before you buy any game, please check the basic info from the game itself. Apple might not contains as many junk as Google Play does, but that's doesn't mean if there's no SCAM app inside. So you need to be a smart buyer now. Let me give you some tips before purchasing any game.

a. Check the app description, the developer/ publisher, and the screenshots.
Make sure if all of them legit before hit that buy button.
b. Check the app size, if the screenshot looks AAA enough in your eyes.
Do you believe if it'll be only 30 MB or less in size for an AAA game? Hmm, I doubt with the quality if yes... Okay, let's think positive first... It's an online game or the partial data of the game will be downloaded after you installed the game (downloading additional data in the first launch)
c. Check the history of the developer itself by check their previous (published) apps
Also check the developer website will be helpful too. If too many suspicious thing which found inside, the app might be SCAM. So, be careful.
d. Take your own risk by buying the game
If the game was legit... Congratulation for that, if not go report the problem to Apple and tell your problem clearly.

I think it's enough for today. My advice, always be a smart buyer and be a smart gamer. Think first before take the next step :). Have other or different opinion? Sure, don't hesitate to post yours on comment section. See ya on my next post :D

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