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Morphopolis Review - Beautiful Art, Relaxing Game

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It's has been a long time since the last time I played Hidden Object game. I've been so bored with almost all hidden object games have similar gameplay and puzzle aspect nowadays. Until last week, I've been lucky enough can found this little gem. Morphopolis, a game which developed by Micro Macro Games was a game with great combination between hidden object, adventure and puzzle aspect. There's no story like in fairy tale inside, but let me tell you why you should get this game.

In your first time playing, there'll be brief tutorial about how to play the game. As long as you play the game, you should learn and found anything inside by yourself. Don't be too rush, this is not a game with timer nor enemies. You should explore everything with relax. I admit that I interest the game because its art. If you think art is the only value from this game, you might be wrong. I found the mind-boggling puzzle game accompanied with ambient soundtracks inside.

You should solve everything here by yourself, but that's the point of this game. Okay, here you will play as different tiny bugs for each scenes. It'll be your guide to solve the level. You need to tap some object which you think it'll be the main object. For example: grasshopper. After you tapped the grasshopper, it'll show you about what you must looking for and how many is it. Each level contains of 3 areas, use the tiny bug to move from one area to another areas.

... A beautiful hidden-object game with ambient soundtrack

Sometimes, the last item that you looking for will be available only after you solve the previous puzzle. For example: the last part of the grasshopper can be found after you solve the flower puzzle. In other word, every object is related here, and that's why you need to solve it one by one. Your tiny bug has special power, it can spread the green sparkling powder which can be useful to open/ free something. You need to tap and hold the bug for activating that power.

Another great parts from this game is the music. Yes, the game has ambient soundtracks, I really like how the melody accompany me during playing the game. It makes me more encouraged to play the game more and more. Kudos for the sound/ music designer :D. Only one part of this game which made me bit disappointed. There's no checkpoint here. You should solve each scenes in once play. Actually, there're at least 4 kind of hidden object puzzle with 2-3 mind boggling puzzle game inside. It'll be better if the game can save my progress no matter where I left the game for the last time.

Relax... no need to rush....

However, apart from this minor aspect. Morphopolis is a well-made game for you who looking for a great hidden object-adventure game. Everything can be said by art here, no need a long text, no need a intriguing story. Just enjoy it without rush, but remember sometimes you need to think out of the box too. The game costs $3.99 without any IAP inside. This might not a long game, but hey... Who said if you should play this with a rush?

Graphic/ Sound: 5 out of 5
Game Control: 4 out of 5
Gameplay: 4.5 out of 5
Replay Value: 4 out of 5
Overall: 4.38 out of 5

IGF Entry: Morphopolis

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