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Snailboy - Is this a Game or a Movie?

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When I see the trailer for the first time, I think I was watching a DISNEY movie trailer. It made me so excited to see the actual movie. Unfortunately, my thought was wrong. It's a puzzle game... Yes, buddy it's a game... A game which developed by Thoopid, indie developers from Cape Town, South Africa.

Snailboy is an unique physics based puzzle game. Wait... did I just say physics? Don't worry friend, this one absolutely not an angry bird game. The game might uses 'catapult' concept, but definitely not an angry bird game. That has been a long time ago. Now, it's time for a snail to prove his existence as a hero.

Play as a snail which looking for justice? No no... not that... He looking for his perfect shells. All of his precious shells has been gone. Help him to bring back his shells.
The game is so easy to be played. You just need to pull, set aim for flinging the snailboy. You need to collect all the apples as quick as possible if you want to get 3 stars. Get the shell to unlock the next stages. Be careful with those spikes, bees, and bugs. It'll make you died.

So, what are you looking for from a physics game? Jump? Snailboy can jump. Slap? Yes, he can do that too, just swipe to make him walks.. slow swipe for small slap, fast swipe for big slap... but remember, he is a snail so he walks slower than you :P and the last one... Slide.. For doing that, you need to stick the snailboy in the mossy part, and he'll do the 'slide action'. Unfortunately, as a Superhero he can't fly... He's too fat for doing that. It'll be more cool if he can fly. LOL.

As you can see in the screenshots, I can't complain anything about the graphic. It looks great in my eyes. The background feels as good as DISNEY movie. Like I have said before, I think it's a movie not a game :P.
I was lucky enough can try this game before it's released.

The game consists of more than 40 levels and was planned to be released on iOS, Android also OUYA. The iOS version will be released at September 2013, Android will follow shortly after. About the price, I haven't know yet. Probably, about $1.99 - 2.99, but who knows. I'll confirm again once I got more info.

The game is out at App Store now. You can download it for $1.99 here

IGF Entry: Snailboy

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