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Pocket Mine Review - Not your Usual Endless Digging Game

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Pocket Mine is a game which developed by Roofdog. The game has been released since July 25, 2013. Unfortunately, it's only available in New Zealand right now. I don't have a NZ account, but I was lucky enough to get a code from the developer for trying this game.

Poket Mine is an endless digger game. However it's not an endless game like you might think. It gives limited movements for you, to dig the ground. As long as you play, you'll realize if this game not based by your skill only, but mostly it depends on your luck also your decision. Basically, you only have limited moves of pick here. However, you can upgrade it if you want more movements. You need to dig the ground as deep as possible. But, you need to collect some treasures too, as much as you can.

You might collect gold, silver, coral, also some rare artefacts or may be treasure chest. So, how to play the game? It's easy, tap where's the block which you want to dig and your character will move to that place and dig it for you. Sometimes, you will find a forbidden block which can't be dig by your regular pick. Don't worry buddy. There're so many power ups such as power strength (it makes you easier to destroy the stone blocks also can be used to destroy the forbidden block), dynamitea and granatte (destroy several blocks directly), healing block (gives one more move for you), etc. Those all will help you play the game easily.

There're 2 kinds of currency in this game. Ruby and money. Ruby is used for buying cards or "continue" mode after game over. Money is used for upgradding your pick. You can got ruby via IAP or done some free offers. Sometimes you can get it too from the treasure chest. Money can be collected from the game by digging the gems blocks. Everytime you play, you'll use 1 energy. There're 5 energies in total and will be recharged for several minutes.

Before you play, you'll be given 3 random cards. These cards are used for giving some power ups during a gameplay. You might acquired or bought some rare or legend cards. However, you won't get those cards in everytime you play. Since I have said before, if you got it randomly. Fortunately, you can re-shuffle the cards if you by paying for 5 bucks. Also, everytime you play usually you'll have one objective. If you can complete the objective, you'll be rewarded a key (to open the treasure chest) or another interesting prize.

This game is completely free to play, it's also has ads. You'll get some rewards (can be money, ruby, or treasure chest). I don't know when this game will be released worldwide. However, it must be soon at this year. If you're on NZ, so lucky you :), if not please enjoy the trailer video below. Cheers :D

Graphic and Sound : 4/5
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Game Control: 3.5/5 
Replay Value: 3/5
Overall: 3.5/5

NZ App Store Link: Pocket Mine, Free

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