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The Raven: Prologue by Nordic Games (Preview of The Raven Game(PC))

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I don't know if this will be released for iOS or not. (I'll update it soon after I know it) So far, its only planned to be released for PC, MAC, Linux, PS 3 and XBOX Live. There're three chapters, and the first chapter will be released on July, 2013. You can start your pre-order here. However, you must be wonder why I decided to put this game here since it's not for iOS (Let's wish this coming to iOS too). Because.... I just amazed by prologue of the game which I played few hours ago on my iPad, and since it's made by indie too. That's not fault to put it here ;)

The Raven Prologue is available in 2 languages on AppStore, Deutsch and English. Since, I don't understand Deutsch, I played the English one. I know that the game is a prologue only. Only one screenshot showed in AppStore. However, no doubt I began downloading....

Played in the first time, I start amazed caused by the silhouette artworks. Basically, this is point and click adventure, but since this only prologue, you won't interact with many things.
Let's start the story here, You'll help Inspector Nicolas Legrand to apprehend the Raven. Who is the Raven?
Raven is a master thief who uses raven mask. If you think that Raven will give the thing which he has stolen to the poor folks. Definitely, you're wrong. Raven loves to make all polices looks fool. Looks like he enjoys it a lot.
Actually, Legrand got a letter from Raven. Raven make him to include in his game. Legrand know something. Unfortunately, no one believes this. People just think that Legrand has big obsession with the Raven..
Until... he got a clue from the one who bring a Raven's letter, and in the same day, Legrand want to finished all of this, he went to the museum and short story, he succeed to kill the Raven... Really?

No way, this is just prologue, is that the true Raven or there's 2 same persons at that time.... and 4 years later, the true mystery just begin... Raven is back..?!
The Raven series will comes with beautiful 3D graphics, so different with this prologue. The prologue uses silhouette arts. However, don't think cheap on this one... The music, vocal actors are well deserved. You just need about 15-20 minutes to finished the prologue. Try the game, and you won't be disappointed..
Here some screenshot from the actual Raven Game

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