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[Sunday Play] Let's play these experimental games!

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Hi, everyone... How things going on? Been a long time since my last post. Today, I bring 2 news for you all, the good and the bad one. Which one should go first? Guess, the bad one.
Alright... here is the bad news, I would like to say sorry for any email request from dear developers. Unfortunately, at my current state, I can't promise if I can make any review of your games especially in a quick period. However, if you want a shout out, feel free to tweet me or send me an email (press kit). I will be happy to forward the email for my friends in Tech In Asia Games and tell the world about your games :)

The good news, this blog won't be extinct, of course not... It's been almost 3 years since I create this blog in 2013, dedicated to discover hidden gems on the app store from scratch. I won't abandon this, never. I promise you all. However, due to my occupation, there won't be any regular update for the blog, but for regular update you can check videos on my YouTube Channel (if nothing happened, new videos will be uploaded every weekends :D yey) and for the blog, I try my best to keep this updated at least twice a month :).

So today, if you're busy like me and still want to enjoy your gaming life, let's take a look into these 2 games. Both of the games can be finished in 15-30 minutes depends on your capability. The first one is Samantha Browne, a simple point and click adventure game about an introvert girl who wants to make oatmeal in the kitchen and second one is Lost Track, an adventure game about exploration into your inner self. Enjoy :)!

Fun facts: Both of these games kinda reminds me of myself. Well, not really same, but for some reasons this kinda represent of my myself.

Samantha Browne by Lemonsucker Games

Platform: iOS, PC
Price: Free
Duration: 10-30 minutes
Keyword: Experimental, Point and Click, Adventure, Short Experience

Samantha is an introvert, almost anti-social person in real life, also has low self confidence. She chooses to avoid the crowd since she has no idea with those people. However, one day she feels so hungry and need to go to the kitchen for making oatmeal. Here, your main goal for helping Samantha to go to the kitchen and make the oatmeal. Samantha Browne is a choose your own adventure game, you'll gonna see hunger bar in the top of the screen and every choice that you made give an impact on Samantha. If you're pretty lucky with your choices you'll finish this game in one playthrough, if not you might need some trial error and see some possibility bad ending of this game. You can see my playthrough video below, and I failed twice here. Attention, spoiler alert!

Lost Track by VIA University College, Campus Horsens

Platform: iOS (Universal)
Price: Free
Duration: 30 minutes
Keyword: Abstract, Surreal, Experimental, Short Experience

First, use your best headphone while playing this game. Second, allow the microphone options on your device. Like Samantha, Lou also a boy who lack of confidence to talk with the girl who draw his attention. However, in lost track you'll gonna see something which pretty much surreal and abstract about the way you find your inner self. Don't worry nothing horror inside this game. Lost Track is a great short experimental game that succeed to deliver the message with its sound and visual aspect. Moreover, the way you play your game (Look, Listen, Speak) are the keys in real life, if you like to approach any person who draw your attention.

Ps: Control movement is kinda hard especially for turn around, but still acceptable. Hope it can be improved later if they decided to develop the extended version of this game :)

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Yesi is someone who love to talk about games. Mainly she plays games on mobile especially iOS. However, sometimes she can't resist with PC gaming too. She also like to share her opinions about what's going on on gaming industry. Thank you for visiting, keep calm and stay gaming.

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