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[Quick Post] Ask For Help To Fill Out Questionnaire

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Hi there, it's been a month since my last post here on my blog. I have so many topic to share here. However I'm pretty much busy nowadays with my thesis. Yes, it's a though life for a final year student like me :p. Anyway, I need your help to fill out my questionnaire here. The questionnaire is about freemium monetization model. Bit leak information, me and my friend are developing a freemium game right now. We're in 'tough' position where it's bit impossible to change about the gameplay for this time. So we decided to make a little research to discover the best combination of freemium element for a free-to-play game. This isn't applied just for our game only but I believe it'll be much helpful for other indie devs too who decided to go with freemium model.

Freemium Model Monetization Research

If you're a developer/ publisher want to fill out the questionnaire, that's okay and I really grateful for you. However, I hope you can place yourself as a consumer/ player position here. We try to discover the best free-to-play design element together, and I will share the result once it got at least 100 respondents on this blog also Touch Arcade forum since I ask much help from its community.

I don't know how much respond will I got by posting this on my blog, since this is a tiny and bit under radar blog hehe. Well, at least I need to try my best for my thesis. So far, I've got about 70 respondents and more than 50% respondents live in Asia. I wish all of you can help me spread about this news. The deadline will be in December 2015, but it'll be much better if I can get the data asap. Thank you so much for your time.

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