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Seashine - A Dark Journey of Jellyfish Through The Abyss

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Before I start, let's take a look on my upcoming mobile game wishlist. Checked, and as you can see, there's Seashine on the list. I'm pretty lucky can try the game first before its officially released. Right now, it's on beta session and planned to be released on August 23, 2015 for free on Android and Amazon. It'll be released on September 3, 2015 for the iOS version.

So, what is Seashine?

If you're too lazy, just skip this 'boring' text and watch my preview video below instead. However, if you want to read more intense paragraphs, just promise me, you won't missed any single word inside this post :p haha

When I found out about this game last year, I'm pretty excited to play this game... since it has glowing effect inside... no just kidding. The game definitely looks pretty interesting with that jellyfish swimming around and try escaping from that creepy ugly fish. At first, I think it'll be a level based game since I'm pretty tired with endless game. However, I might went wrong this time, after played few times yesterday I found out that if this endless game not as bad as I might think.

Seashine has non-linear progress, I mean, it's not just like you run and passed from one environment to other one, or jump to the up side and face those similar obstacles over and over. Here on Seashine, you'll control the jellyfish by swiping your finger on the screen. The jellyfish can face different things everytime you play. You can meet anglerfish, piranha, puffer fish, and many more. Sometimes if you're lucky enough you can grab chest which has star inside. What's star? Star is kind 'extra life' here, or I can say kinda used for cheating if you don't eat enough little fishes to support your lifetime here. 

Everytime you move the jellyfish, it'll consume energy that can be seen on the top of the screen. You need to stay alive by eating smaller fishes around. Pity fishes :(! The darker and the deeper of abyss that you explored, the easier of your light to decrease, and you'll die once your light fades out. It's pretty interesting since you also can 'teleport'- got sucked by hole and go to another part of abyss. If you're lucky enough you might find more glowing fishes on there, but it's not always as smooth as you wish. Sometimes, you'll face hungry fishes and you need to swim faster, escaping from that fishes or you'll die miserably.

Seashine world feels very huge until sometime I feel lost inside, it's not just once I trapped on the dead-end way. I wish I have enough time to draw the map about Seashine world. The game requires quick thinking since your energy will be drained every time you moving. I also curious to trick the piranha someday, wanting to meet the carnivorous plant, and find the submarine too. 

Let me find you someday, friend!
Run!... I mean swim!
Seashine was planned to be released on August 23, 2015 for the Android version. It'll be a freemium game... Boo! Oh, come on.. Don't get me wrong. Freemium aspect isn't that bad at all, at least here. No timer, no energy system. The only kind IAP inside the game just for buying stars. Pretty consumptive kind of IAP, but not really necessary to be bought. However, you might buy the IAP just for support the dev :). The only ads that implemented here is video ads (at least I only found them so far). The video ads used for gaining 3-5 stars for free.

TL; DR, Seashine is a game with calming soundtrack which is actually doesn't feel like an usual endless game. It's more like an unlimited journey with different 'story' everytime you play. It's same like you woke up in the morning, finished same activities but at the same time you'll also faced different persons, different problems on that day too. That's what Seashine do... Brings different feeling for every journey we make.

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