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[Watchlist - Still On Counted] Upcoming PC Games that Need to be Put on Your Radar

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You know that I have made a 'compilation' list of upcoming iOS games though it'll be updated regularly, but why don't I make another one from other platform? Well, in this case I only stick around with PC. I love playing indie games and I just found some interesting games when I browse on Steam nor find them accidentally nor from press release (press kit). Alright, to make it brief, here are the list so far. Of course, I'll update this post, once I got more interesting games that appeal in my eyes.

We Are the Dwarfes by Whale Rock Games

Although in fact from the trailer video below I still have no idea what the gameplay will be looks like, I have a high hope into this one due to that dramatic monster scene. I can admit if almost everything on the trailer looks like a cinematic film, however I wish there'll be some cinematic movement inside this game to add more animation inside :p. One more, I'm also wish the developer will reveal a real in-game battle video soon for their game. At least I need to know how the control will be worked. 

From information I found on Steam, we will control up to 3 characters and looks like it'll be an automated battle model where we can also use real-time event that happened around us to affect the gameplay. Hmm, interesting.. Moreover, we can choose our battle style, where we can use sneaky attack or direct smash. Well, it reminds me with Sneaky Sneaky, one of my favorite game last year. That's why though I'm not really into strategy game, I'll still keep my eyes into this one for sure.

Steam Link: We Are Dwarfes

Little Devil Inside by Neostream

About this game, I found this game on Steam Greenlight page and that one-eye monster really reminds me with banana minion from Despicable Me. That's why I'm already sold out from the first time with this adventure game. Little Devil Inside will be an action adventure RPG game with rich interaction not just with human but also monsters and creatures from unknown worlds which you never imagined before. Well I mean, you'll find many paranormal activities here. Nail the voodoo!

Anyway, Neostream is running the KS campaign now and they need AU$250.000 to make the funding successful. Let wish there's no KS troll anymore this time... no, I mean forever.

Kickstarter Link: Little Devil Inside
Steam Link: Little Devil Inside

AER by Forgotten Key

AER is a game that let you being a bird-human creature. I bet it'll be so much fun when you can turn into bird as many as you want to travel around the world. Actually, the game intrigued because the character has similar hairstyle with a character from Submerged game, haha. However, I'm more interested with the low poly graphic from this game. It's really nice to be seen since I'm a low poly admirer too :3

Traverser by Gatling Goat Studios

Dear AdultSwim, you're one of my trustworthy publisher and most of your game never disappointing me. That's why Traverser will be one of my 'worth to wait' game. As a traverser, you'll have ability to travel between upper and lower cities of Brimstone. You also have manipulation ability by using your gravitation glove. Alright, let's see how well this game will be :)

Steam Link: Traverser

Kawiteros by Neko Entertainment

Though there's no video even teaser for this game yet. Based on what I seen I can clearly said if the game really has really deep culture, mythical, and supernatural energy inside. The game will be a platformer game with highly inspired by Huichol Arts. Huichol arts come from native Mexicans, Huichol people

Futuregrind by Milkbag Games

Well, the gif picture said it all. Futuregrind will be a hardcore platformer game. Two color in one character might not a new concept but the way Milkbag implement it are fresh enough in my opinion. I bet it'll become a hardcore racing platformer game that so much fun to be played. Unfortunately, you can't expect to play this game this year since it's planned to be released sometime on 2016 for PC also Consoles.

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  1. which is quite old but it was a great game as well), and the LucasArts Indiana Jones adventures (they show Lost Crusade). IGG Games


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