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I'm Still Alive - I'm Still Playing Games

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The background story

Hello guys! It's been a long time since my last post on this blog. You might be wondering why there's no more activities on this blog lately. Well, I was too busy few months ago. Bunch of exams, moving into new boarding room, starting my internship, and many more. One thing that you must know, I'm not stopping play games. However, it mightn't as intensive/ often as before. I'm working as QA at mobile games publisher right now. It's an internship program. My internship just started from March 2, 2015 until February 29, 2016. That's a long time right?

I feel bad with all those email from developer who ask me to help them cover the game. I would like to help them all, but right now I only have weekend time for doing them all. Unfortunately, not every weekend is sound like heaven. I need a proper time to learn more about Unity. Well, it sucks, while I want to be in game industry, I'm still newbie on Unity :| and the worse, I'm kinda lazy person too :(. If you ask me, what I want to do in Game Industry? Well, probably game designer. I like drawing too but my drawing isn't great enough to be compared or said as an artist. They're too ugly. Until now, to
be honest I have no idea what must I do after I graduated. Sigh.... and the thing is getting worse when my mom said looks like there's no promising future with my condition right now.

If only I choose other major, she told that she might not worry with my occupation then. Unfortunately, for now she becomes really worry and doubtful on me -.- especially when I love games more than anything. Most companies here on my country prefer someone who experienced with web programming, database, or something else (those boring tables). In fact, I dislike them all. Table are a plain food without seasonings, there's nothing wonderful thing I can expect on table. Just nothing, Well.. guess I was wrong but seriously I can't imagine if I should learn about DB again. I know DB was important, but if I try to keep it away from me, I can't imagine if I should approach it again in the future. No, just no.

What I've been doing lately with my gaming life?

Few months ago, I just starting expanding my YouTube channel by giving comments on my videos not just gameplay videos only. I called them Let's Play!, a gameplay video with some comments inside, comments can be a review or impression. I know if my English isn't perfect enough but for me it's harder to speak in English rather writing English sentences. So, pardon my clumsiness after you watched my video :p. I never think for becoming YouTubers like PewDiePie or others popular v-logs. Actually I'm doing them all just for fun only, no specific purpose. Since I think, that's more effective and easier to be done in one time only. From my comment, you can expect if "I like the game or not" or you can see if you'll like the game or not by watching the video only.

If I write a review, it'll took twice time for me to done all. First I should play the game properly, then I should write my review again. With video, I can share my opinion along with gameplay video just in one step and the same time. However, you don't need to worry if you prefer to read a review rather watch video (may be internet connection problem or other reasons). I'll try my best to keep writing too, may be it can't be same as before but still I'll try my best to cover all.

QA sounds easy, is that right?

When people ask me what is your job and I said QA, most of them will laugh and said: "Wow that's an easy job. You're really lucky." Well, I'm not denying that mindset. However, the main problem as QA is fight the boredom to death. Okay, I haven't reach that kind of challenge as QA yet. However, I must prepare if someday I should test TCG, CCG, or Dice/ Casino and other card games. Honestly, I don't like them all, but as QA you can't be a subjective person. You need to be an objective person, can you imagine how hard it'll be for me, to love something that you're actually hate? :( Hmm... I wish I can passed them all. I've played and tested so many games before, but the fact I only played and tested games which suitable with my taste. I never played games outside my taste and this will become a real challenge for me. Of course if I meet them in the future... Though hopefully not :p

Next Step

So far I plan to try my best to keep all my sites uptodate. However, may be mostly I'll be more active on my YouTube channel with all new gameplay videos, Let's Play videos, or may some miscellaneous things. I promise. Thank you so much for your support so far, folks also thanks for taking your precious time to read this post. If you want to keep in touch with me, you can reach me or say hello on email or Twitter. Adios!

About Unknown

Yesi is someone who love to talk about games. Mainly she plays games on mobile especially iOS. However, sometimes she can't resist with PC gaming too. She also like to share her opinions about what's going on on gaming industry. Thank you for visiting, keep calm and stay gaming.

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