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10 Best iOS Games During 2014 - Happy New Year 2015

By  Yesi Livera     4:29 PM    Labels:,, 
Happy new year everyone!! I know it's bit late, but better than nothing right? Today I'm gonna show you my best iOS games during 2014. 2014 was a great year for iOS gaming and I wish there'll be much more great iOS games released in 2015. Ah, I also start playing games on PC platform too and guess I'll spend more time on that platform like I play on iOS. Though I doubt if I can do that.. haha.

Alright, here is my 10 Best iOS Games during 2014:

10. Monster Ate My Birthday Cake by Cartoon Network

9. Kiwanuka by CMA Megacorp

8. Wave Wave by Tom Janson

7. Traps n Gemstones by Donut Games

6. Sneaky Sneaky by Naiad Entertainment

5. Threes by Sirvo

4. Crossy Road by Hipster Whale

3. Twelve a Dozen by Bossa Studio

2. Monument Valley by ustwo

So what's the first one? Can you guess it?

1. Framed by Loveshack Entertainment | Review

Alright that's all, what's your favorite one? Share your favorite iOS games in the comment section :)

Ps: I'm waiting for Forma8.... but when.. when.. that game will be released? T_T
Also waiting for Heroki and can't wait for January 30, 2015 to play Life is Strange :3

About Yesi Livera

Yesi is someone who love to talk about games. Mainly she plays games on mobile especially iOS. However, sometimes she can't resist with PC gaming too. She also like to share her opinions about what's going on on gaming industry. Thank you for visiting, keep calm and stay gaming.


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  10. Those are great games! I played most of them on my old iPad, which I already sold here: I'd like to play few of them now)

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