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Hello again, after vacuum about two weeks.. (Yes, no post because there's not many games which released on those time :( Too bad). Next week will be pretty great. At least there're 8 new upcoming games so far.. Let's wish for more ;)

Mount Olympus - Out Now

From Tesla Mist's maker comes a new point n click adventure game. Today's you should find those missing Greek's Gods.

Shu's Garden - Out Now

Sometimes, there's a time when I want to go back into my childhood again. This cute Shu just reminds me with my childhood where all things are fluffy.. lol  Now I want to buy the Shu's plush... ;)

Oo - Out Now

It's definitely not boobies :P Well, this definitely looks... hard

Saving Raylene - Out Now

Looks easy but it feels the game can't say by words. Well, it's free so make sure to try this one.

Little Big Adventure

Cabin Escape: Alice Story


Tiny Space Adventure

Scuba Diver

Flashout 2

Sometimes You Die

Chaos Fighter

Ah, I wish it's not too late... ><
Every Saturday I have a bit lovely habit :p... Yeah, it's #screenshotSaturday lurking time... LOL Okay this time I have 2 games only for you to try. One is web based game, the other is needed to be installed first.


Narcissus is a game about coordination and corporation. It's about fast thinking and reaction on two different things at the same time. If you play this alone, you can learn to be focus and concentrate. However, if you play this with your friend I doubt for it right now, except you have a big.. really big arrow keyboard.

You will control 2 humans or may be a human with his shadow here at the same time. You will jump and from one platform to another platforms. There're 3 modes so far, easy, medium and hard. It has a simple but pretty pixel graphics also that chiptune soundtrack is perfecto. Think fast, act fast definitely worth to play this game on Sunday :D
Ps: It's hard to control people when the world is inverted
Play it here

Life Goes On

Life Goes On isn't a usual game. It's a weird funny action adventure platformer game in my opinion (*wait.. that's a long title :p). You don't need a long time to finish this demo. Only 7 levels if I'm not wrong :p, may be this will take 8-10 minutes of your time for playing this game.

Okay, in this game you need to think out of the box. Before, I said it further. One thing that you must know... Being died doesn't mean died, that's why Life must goes on ;). You will play as knight, walk and jump from one platform to another platform to grab the cup in every level. It's not an linear game, here you need to die first if you want to achieve something. For example: You might suicide by jumping on spiky walls, but it's needed for helping you reach another platform safely. Another cool mechanic such as canon, freeze spray, etc make this game so impressive.

You can play it by downloading here, available for windows, mac, and linux or at Steam. The full version will come on April 17. If you looking for something interesting with fun mechanic logic, try this one for sure.

Happy Sunday everyone! I barely play web game, but today when I'm hanging around seeking some #screenshotSaturday which piqued my interest. There're some sweet cyberpunk screenshots which considering my interest. Not just one, but so many. Okay, to make it brief, I tried those cyber punk games and... well it's pretty fun. Most of them are web based games. I just tried some of them, not all.. Well may be next week. So, here is some games which I think fun and enjoyable to be played. O yes, those games were submitted for cyberpunk game jam 2014. More info about this visit the official site:

Cyber Punk Jam


Cyber Rise

Warning: This game will challenge your spatial perception! Moving left or right will move you along the isometric axis ====> This which make the game special

Cyber Rise is an endless game where you should jump from one platform to another platforms, but don't think it's easy enough. Well just imagine the darkness, velocity and balance in one. Yes, that's the easiest way to describe this game.

Play here

Cyber Abyss

Well, it's hard seriously.. haha. Actually, that prize was intriguing my interest but... I'm not great enough to finish this... Can't even passed more than 3 seconds :P

Play here

9 point 9

It took about 30 seconds for me to understand what's going on here.. haha. This game is fun, bit reminds me with a game called Atomic+, but this one is harder. Actually, this game has a simple gameplay, you only need to grab the white cube before it's disappear, avoid the pink triangle and rectangle, and grab the blink-pink dot to destroy the enemies. However, this game is fast, and you need quick reflex to play this game or the time will run out. Well, Just try it... It's challenging...

Play here

The Guardeners

Tired of usual endless falling? Well, this is might the good option for you, control 2 characters at the same time? Why not? It's fun enough for me and may for you too :)

Play here

Cyb3r Pukes

This game reminds me with a childhood game which I like to play a long time ago. Instead of how many person we should make in a group,  here we should place our steps on the blue tiles to avoid from 'destroyer lightning', then hit a certain number of red tiles to advance to the next section.

Play here

Beat Connection

It's also an endless falling game, but this one has many obstacles. So, watch out of your head!

Play here

Hello, how's anyone day? Last week was great, right? I bought and played some games. Current playing: Disco Zoo and The Voyage. Both are great games and worth to try. I also bought the God of Light, but have got no time to play that yet. Alright, as usual let's see what will we get for the next week. Here we go:

Colors - a color matching games (March 6, 2014)

Nozoku Rush (March 6, 2014)

Smash Hit (March 6, 2014)

Wave Wave (March 6, 2014)

Warp 5 Overdrive (March 7, 2014)

Starry Duo (March 6, 2014)


Block Fortress War (March 6, 2014)

Glint HD (March 6, 2014)

Mine of Mars (March 6, 2014)

Pahelika: Secret Legends (March 6, 2014)

Tanuki Forest

Demolition Crush


Unknown March Release

1Path (Out Now) - Review

Cabin Escape


The Phantom of P.I Mission Apparition


Revolution 60


Wild Bot

Nb: Some of them are not final, released date might changed due to some reasons, so pardon me and if you have some releases that might not included on this list, please let me know :) Thank you
Connection game isn't a new concept on mobile gaming. Usually, it comes with match-3 game, flow free, etc. They are the classic examples of the connecting game. However, 1Path is a different game. You'll play as a circle here, where you should rescue your friends who have been stolen. With the tilt control, you'll connect yourself into your other friends one by one, following the existing path. That's why this game called 1Path (#may be..).

Save your friends by connecting each other

Remember Slingshot Racing or Magnetized? You will find kind of slingshot here, but it's definitely not an Angry Bird game. You will follow the path and coloring your other friend by touching them using tilt control. The game walks bit slowly at first, and I might say if it like of tutorial levels until level 14. However, well... the real challenge just begun after that level. The difficulty ramps up pretty quickly.

It's challenging when your path start rotating, as you can imagine you should follow the rotating path meanwhile you're also a circle where in fact you're also rotating itself. Feels not challenging enough? Well, you'll find some obstacles such as laser, bomb, and dark fog. Laser and Bomb will make you died instantly, sometimes you're required to activate those bombs and dodge them at the same time to pass a level.

Be fast, accurate, and precise

For the dark fog, it'll make your screen become darker, and there's a little light only to spot the path. This will make you more careful when trying to follow the path. However, life is never flat and I bet it won't be fun anymore if there's nothing challenging inside. There's timer which will force you to finish every level as soon as possible. It's required to get some stars, though sometimes you need to complete other objectives such as collect all the energies for gain the star.

And you know what... the worst thing ever happen in this game is, when you died suddenly while you just need to finish one more circle only. Yes, that's it... But, hey buddy... don't give up too soon. If you need any help, there're some power ups which kindly help you. You can buy them via coins which you get from gaining the stars. If you feel, the coins not generous enough for buying the power ups, you can purchase more via shop, but this definitely optional only except if you're suck so much in this game.

You can download 1Path for free on the app store. The game consists of 60 levels. Don't worry, you won't find ads, paywall, nor energy system here. So, you can play this game as much as you want and this was I expected for a freemium game. Bought the IAP to appreciate and support the dev. Well done.. Kudos for developer, this game deserved as well as it should be.

Graphic/ Sounds: 4 out of 5
Gameplay: 4.5 out of 5
Game Control: 4 out of 5
Replay Value: 4.5 out of 5
Overall: 4.25 out of 5

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