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[Early Sunday Play] Let's Play Crossy Road, and.. wait more on Sunday!

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Hey, it's still Saturday, even still Friday on several countries.. may be. However after vacuum for a long time... almost one month with no post T_T, sorry for that. I have several iOS recommendation to be played for you on this weekend. Since it hasn't Sunday yet I'll reveal one game only for today. What is that?
Well, I believe some of you have already try this out and like me you can't stop playing once you try the game. Am I right? :p

Crossy Road

Crossy Road is a simple endless hopper game but it's really really addictive. If you ever played Frogger before, this game has a similar gameplay. Basically your character, first you'll get the chicken will try to cross the road. Your mission here is to help it passes the road safely and collecting the golden coins. Watch out for the cars, train, eagle, trucks, and the most hard one while you need to cross the river. Since the logs are moving along the river you need to keep your steps properly. Think fast, act fast.

The control is easy to use too. You just need to tap to move forward, swipe to move right, left, or to move backward. After you collect 100 coins, you can trade it to get the new character randomly. If you don't like to get them randomly, you can purchase it $0.99 for each character. Some of the characters has special ability too, for example the ghost and the graveyard will make the world become a night world and your sight will be bit harder since it'll become dark with a small lighting.
The penguin one made your world like a south pole, the wolf will make an afternoon sky on your game, and many more to discover. All I can say, this game is really great it's really encourage player to play just 'one more go' again and again. If you like to challenge your score with me, just add me on Game Center and said 'Crossy Road Challenge' as the message. Happy Playing!

Here is my gameplay video I just made, currently my high-score is 185 and keep trying to got 200 or probably more ;). Also the game can be played in landscape also portrait, personally I prefer to play game like this in landscape mode.

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