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Deadly Bullet Review - Watch out! Enemies is Everywhere

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There're so many shooter games in the AppStore or Google Play nowadays, and you might think shooter game is shmup or FPS/ TPS game only. However, Monobrowgames tried to bring a cool way to implement a shooter game. The game might be feels weird at the first time, but for me this is a game that you must try.

Deadly Bullet isn't an ordinary shooter game. Yes, in general this game is include in shooter category but it's bit different. May be, there's already similar game like this outside there which I didn't know, but come on friends... just forget it for a while and let's see what's inside this game.

In short story, you worked in organization called Deadly Bullet. This isn't a superhero story who looking for justice, help some people, or something. However, in here your main goal is to eliminate all of the enemies without exception. You will play as a single bullet, walk? ehmm.. no. You will fly through the enemies and killed them. For the first time playing, you might need to adapt with the control.

If you're not a patient enough, you'll be think if the control of this game was so horrible and hard to be used. For me, I needed about 15 minutes to adapt with the control and I believe you're better than me ;). Like what I've said before, you need to eliminate all of the enemies here. There's a requirement about how much enemies do you need to eliminate. In the standard mode, there're 3 bullets to be used (counted as lives).

When you hit the wall or got bomb, you'll be die. Feels not challenging enough? Don't worry, everytime you lost your bullet, your enemies also be reset. In other word, if you've killed 7 out of 8 enemies, and suddenly you hit the wall and died, you need to start it again from the beginning. Sounds huh? Haha... that's the point bro.

Wait... why I said you need to adapt with the control? There's no joystick here. Tap on the right side to make the bullet rotates clockwise, and tap on the left for did the opposite. Easy right ;)? There's two types of scoring here, XP for killed the enemies and XP for hit the obstacles. Enemies will have pink circle around, whereas the obstacles have blue circle arround.

There're 2 game mode, Standard and Score Attack. There're 3 main locations, each location contains of 3 levels. If you get game over, you need to re-play it again from the beginning. Collect XP to level up and gain a point. This point will be used to unlock the next location, buy power ups or more slots. Some power ups will be useful to make the game easier to be played.

For the score attack, it's same like a survival mode. Play as long as you can and gain score as high as possible. However, you can't get any point from here. You can get the point from standard mode only by levelling up. Deadly Bullet is available for free without any ads nor IAP on the AppStore and Google Play. The game supports Everyplay too, where you can record your gameplay and share it to your friends. Interested?

Graphic/ Sound: 4 of 5
Gameplay: 4.5 of 5
Game Control: 4.5 of 5
Replay Value: 4.5 of 5
Overall: 4.38 of 5

AppStore Link: Deadly Bullet, Free
Google Play Link: Deadly Bullet, Free

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