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Forma 8 - A mystic adventure game for iOS

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I like the game who has great atmosphere and bring some pleasure though I just seen it in glance. Forma 8, probably one who could hooked me up when I saw the trailer at the first time. Mixed Bag has been developed this since 2011, hopefully we can see the actual game soon.

The game might has same background story similar like other atmosphere adventure game. Stranded in strange universe, and try to survive or escape from that odd world also looking for some answers from mind-boggling puzzle aspect are the main feature of this game. I wonder what's the new features inside the game, I'm 100% sure there'll be a secret for the main key that make this game different from other.

As seen in the video, you'll play as a living ball like creature. You'll start your journey, lands in strange world. There are so many different environments inside, in my opinion it's looks like an electric factory or may be an abandoned company. Not just like that, there're desert, under sea, etc. I have no idea about the control, but definitely it'll use multi-touch control. May be tap or drag to move the character, and some other control to defend yourself/ attack the enemy. 

I doubt if the ball just run away from the enemies. As seen in the video, the ball can dodge the enemies also destroy them. There are many items such as bombs which can be used to destroy the enemies.Wait... is that enemy or... allies? Who know... Ah... I wish I can try this game now XD
For the graphic, it's really well deserved. It's bit similar like Badland, but this one is more flat and simple. However, I like the abstract scenes inside the game. 

The layers arranged perfectly, the color blends well. It's not in black-n-white like Limbo, nor black-glowing colorful like Badland. However, it's really show the artistic part of the game. Geometric shapes is well-blended behind the main stages. Color is not too light not too dark, not pastel nor glowing.... It can't be said in words. Okay, I'll let you judge it by yourself.

I have no idea, when this will be release nor the price of this game. If you want to know further informations, visit the official website here. The developer also has released their another game, Futuridium EP. It's an unique fast paced shmup with modern twist and amazing 3D graphics. More information about Futuridium, visit here.

IGF Entry: Forma 8

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