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Most Anticipated Game

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I found some upcoming games on TA forum that picked up my interest... Some of them will be release this summer (No exact date yet), and others are still in development... Here is the list

1. Hero of Many by Trickster Arts ( Released June 25, 2013)

Price: $3.99
Download Link: Hero of Many
via: Hero of Many
Hmm, looks like this game will come this month, though I'm not 100% sure about that. The gameplay reminds me with glowfish but the graphic reminds me with Badland. The graphic is stunning enough to catch my attention. Control is simple enough, one-touch control. Yes, I like that kind of control. As you can see below, you will play as tiny hero to save your friends and defeat the enemies. The base concept is sounds simple, hope it'll be executed as beautiful as the graphic.

Edit: it has been released on June 18, 2013 but pulled due to some reasons. A new version has been submitted to AppStore. Let's wait for the official release. It'll cost $3.99 but there's 50% sale for the first two days.

2. Tale of Tibet by Shrine Studio (ETA August 2013)

It's bit reminds me about Lost Wind game, but it's used history of Tibet as the background story. Its said if the game is a puzzle game, but I think it'll be an adventure puzzle game or can be a puzzle platformer game. Still unclear. No more clues about this one. The ETA is in August 2013. Hope I'll get more information about this one soon. Here some teaser images.
UI for drawing vine
via : Official Facebook of Tale of Tibet

3. Fates Forever by Hammer and Chisel (ETA Summer 2013)

Hammer & Chisel was founded by Jason Citron, a guy behind Open Feint. Thinks that there's no quite complex and deep games for hardcore gamers in tablet, this small team decided to bring new MOBA game, exclusively for iOS tablet (iPad) also for Android. The game is still in development and will be released soon on this summer.

Gameplay: I still don't know what will it be. Will this be premium or freemium game? This will be free to play. However, they said this won't be a pay-to-win game. So far they've leaked one screenshot only. As you can see, the graphic is quite stunning. There's no video yet, so I can't imagine what the gameplay will be, but at least I have an information that they've improved the game's control to be suitable with touch screen control, and it has been applied properly (Alpha testing report). The beta haven't revealed yet. I'll tell you more information later once I got the news about this.

via : FatesForever

4. Expander by All Civilized Planets (Released July 23, 2013)

Price: $0.99
Download Link: Expander, $0.99
via : All Civilized Planets
Who are still excited for endless "runner" game? Me... XD
This is not exactly an endless "runner' game, I prefer to say this is an arcade game than endless "runner".
Gameplay: The gameplay is quite unique. You will play as block, try to take all tiny blocks which located in the top and bottom of the wall. The most unique way is the camera transition idea. The 2.5D side scrolling view, also comes with 3D view make this game more interesting. 

Beside of that, you need to change the color to keep survive, when you see the red wall, you need to change as the blue color, then change it again in to red, so you can take those tiny blocks on the red lines. For more clear explanation, see the video below.. XD
Basically, there are 2 controls, one to change the color, other to change /expand the size of the blocks.

5. Be Muse by Fluttermind (ETA n/a)

Be Muse is a game which was developed by Fluttermind, Incoboto developer. The game is still in development, and no exact date about the release. As you can see in their site. They don't want to reveal it (yet). I have no idea about the gameplay, but its look like an adventure game. Sounds promising, based on the website, here is the story:
You'll play as a kid with no memory who try to reveal back your memory. Fortunately, you meet a demon, and with that giant bunny demon's help, you will know what recovering your memory really means. In this game, you need to summon and banish the demon. If you can do that, the bunny will help you to recover your memory also help you to escape from the island.
Here the first screenshot about the game environment. Hmm, looks stunning right? Can't wait to see more of this.

via : Fluttermind

This is the "bunny" demon... via: Fluttermind

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