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By  Yesi Livera     4:58 PM  

Who I am?

Hi, everyone...
Let me introduce myself first. My name is Yesi Livera. I'm a computer science student and currently work as freelance writer on Games In Asia ID. I like to play and beta test games. I play a lot of games, but mostly I play mobile games since I don't have enough time for a longer playtime's game, though actually I want it :'(.
I love to learn and talk about new technology. In my mind, technology helps me to know more about this world. I like to watching movies, listening to hip hop music and sleeping too. You can contact me at bebbycopa (at) gmail (dot) com for more info. Yes, that's all about me.

What kind of blog is this?

I decided to make a new blog, dedicated for all hidden gems apps on the App Store named Indie Gems. I believe inside AppStore, there're so many hidden gems apps, especially games which don't have enough time to showed up and don't get more attention from iOS users. They have potential but unfortunately, they didn't get the right time to showed up and got less attention.

So, my blog here is to help spread those apps to the world. I'll post about app (can review, preview, news, etc) which I think it needs to get more attention cause its potential. I know it's not an easy work. Since, I did everything by myself, but I'll do my best to keep this blog up to date. Don't hesitate to post about what do you think in comment section. Your supports and suggestions will help me to improve this blog. One more, I'm not a native English speaker too, so pardon my grammar. However, your feedback will help me to improve my English.

The reason why I make this kind of blog; it's simple because I love to play games. Many of Indie and Small Developers have created great apps, but sometimes we didn't realize about it. We are too focus with famous developers and forgot if Indie and small developers can doing great too.

Disclaimers & Copyright

This is an independent blog, not affiliated with another blogs (except my other blog). This is not kind of advertising / promoting of something.  I'm not get paid from any devs by doing this :p . All I want to do is just help and support Indie Developers to spread their apps. I'm not promise if I can make every preview/ review for every Indie Apps, since I just did all by myself. I just select which one is the most precious hidden gems of all.

Once more, all posts here are based on my personal opinions. Also not all games are new, some of them is updated or re-release too. I might make a compilation too once a month to evaluate if I might miss something great in the past time :)
If you want to use/ copy my posts, don't forget to mention the actual post or give the source link.
Thank you for your attention.. Happy reading, keep playing and support Indie Developer :D


Yesi Livera

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