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It's bit awkward for me to play this game for the first time. I found something unusual, weird, strange here. Not caused by the music nor the gameplay but the text inside this game... Yes, those texts inside really made me feel "pervert" to play this game.. wut... heck no. I have no idea what's the story behind Tale of Tales for making this kind of game. No story, no enemies... it's all about pleasure.

At first, let me say if you should read the instruction or you won't get any feel to play this game. Here's the short description about this game:

A flower always starts out colorless.

But when you touch it, color fills the tunnel.

Stay in the glowing flower as long as possible!

Play slowly and gently to get a high score.

Just pushing through as fast as you can will result in failure.

The game wants you to take it easy and be playful.

Sounds simple.. huh? Yeah, but that's not the point of this game... Read that fourth sentence once again... Play slowly and gently to get a high score. I just abandoned this instruction at first, until I aware of something really.. really... mmm.. "You make me disappointed" "Let's do this again!" Wait... is this just me.. or it sounds like... hmmm *if you know what i mean...
as long as you play the game, you will read some unusual texts such as "Touch me", "Suck my berries", "Desire Me", "I give you everything". 

Enjoy unusual journey...

Well, nothing wrong with all of those messages... However, you read those messages while playing this game... and  you touch, touch and slide the screen like... That's weird for me.. but hey.. may be, I should repair my brain now... lol Alright, forget what I've said above (*I'm bit crazy after finished my exams)

Luxuria Superbia is a simple pleasure experience game. There're 12 levels inside this game. The next level will be unlocked once you got one circle (Bronze plate) in the previous level. However, it's not as quick as you might think. There's such as a gazebo with 12 pillars. It's showed the levels inside the game, and each pillar represent one color. Start from pink color and ended in dark purple. Everytime you play the game (level), you will fill the pillar with the level's color but it's not an easy step. At least, you should play 3-4 times with golden plate score to full fill the pillar.

Kiss Me... Touch Me.. Press Me...

The one that make Luxuria Superbia is very unique is the idea behind it. You need to color all the flower's walls but at the same time you may not play this too quick or you'll be failed. For the control, you just need to touch or slide (swipe). It supports multi-touch control, so use all your fingers (no.. just 4-6) to play this game easier, but remember... just enjoy your journey.. don't be too rush or you won't get anything. You should stay at the coloring wall and let the score increase by itself.

Jump over the buds by touching at them too and here the weird thing appear once again.. It's still okay if you see flower, bee, butterfly, tree inside a flower tunnel.. but how about candle, cake, owl, dolphin, until windows... yeah, it's unreasonable for me... can't imagine all of those things inside a flower. Hello... Miss.. wake up... it's a game, where anything is possible inside the game. The game is stopped when all of the walls have been colored by you. Anyway, I found a pretty funny text.. when you play the game too long.. Here's the text "You make me exhausted". Duh bro, what I've done to you? You make me feel guilty.. :P

In conclusion, actually Luxuria Superbia isn't a game... It's more about an experience and pleasure. An unusual journey which can't be said by words. It's not for everyone too, but if you curious enough to feel the pleasure inside, you should check this game for sure ;)

Graphic/ Sounds: 4.5 out of 5
Game Control: 4.5 out of 5
Gameplay: 3.5 out of 5
Replay value: 3.5 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5

IGF Entry: Luxuria Superbia
App Store Link: Luxuria Superbia
Google Play Link: Luxuria Superbia
OUYA Link: Luxuria Superbia
Buy for PC version ($6.99): Luxuria Superbia Site

Tower Defense/ Castle defense is one of the most popular genre at the App Store. Don't know what is that? Let's said Kingdom Rush, Fieldrunner, Anomaly 2, etc. They're the example of Tower Defense game. The Dreamcatcher by Sunnyside Interactive is another example of tower defense game. However, it's not a pure tower defense game. This is more into strategy defense game.

You will help Anoki to protect the three dreaming camps here. All you need to do is protect the camps from the monsters. For doing that, draw a circle with your finger around the monsters. Draw it continously until the monsters disappear. However, you have limited energy here so pay attention with your energy too. If the monster reach the dream, it'll become a bad dream. You will game over if all of your dreams became the bad dreams.

... Keep your finger rolling

Beside drawing the circle, sometimes you need to swipe too. Such as when you face the Goo Ball or other special enemies. To help you play the game easier, there're so many special weapons here. But you only can bring 3 kinds for each play. For example: Mapua, used to protect the dreams from Goo's spits; Niyaha, used for unhaunt all the bad dreams; etc.

This game consists of 5 worlds with 10 levels in each world. The last level in every world is the boss stage. Boss can be so powerful and tricky here. So you need to decide your best strategy to defeat it. Unfortunately, the game doesn't support multi touch, but looks like the game will be too easy if we can draw more than 2 circles at the same time. May be, that's why this game doesn't have multi touch control. One more, you can't choose level here

Play in 2 mode, Hard or Easy...

The Dreamcatcher uses beutiful 2D graphic here. It used the same style like Digimon, Pokemon art style. I like the art style of this game. You can unlock some nice arts too, after you finished some levels. It's too bad because there's no option to save the pictures into your library. But, hey may be we can use Apple feature to screen capture those arts? :P

The Dreamcatcher is available for free on the App Store with IAP support inside. The IAP is used for buying some coins or another special weapon. IMO, the IAP is optional only. You will get about 500-600 coins for each play, and it's enough to upgrade your special weapon with several times grinding. But, why don't you drop some bucks to honor the developer? :)

Graphic/ Sound: 4 out of 5
Game Control: 3.5 out of 5
Gameplay: 4 out of 5
Replay Value: 4 out of 5
Overall: 3.88 out of 5

It's has been a long time since the last time I played Hidden Object game. I've been so bored with almost all hidden object games have similar gameplay and puzzle aspect nowadays. Until last week, I've been lucky enough can found this little gem. Morphopolis, a game which developed by Micro Macro Games was a game with great combination between hidden object, adventure and puzzle aspect. There's no story like in fairy tale inside, but let me tell you why you should get this game.

In your first time playing, there'll be brief tutorial about how to play the game. As long as you play the game, you should learn and found anything inside by yourself. Don't be too rush, this is not a game with timer nor enemies. You should explore everything with relax. I admit that I interest the game because its art. If you think art is the only value from this game, you might be wrong. I found the mind-boggling puzzle game accompanied with ambient soundtracks inside.

You should solve everything here by yourself, but that's the point of this game. Okay, here you will play as different tiny bugs for each scenes. It'll be your guide to solve the level. You need to tap some object which you think it'll be the main object. For example: grasshopper. After you tapped the grasshopper, it'll show you about what you must looking for and how many is it. Each level contains of 3 areas, use the tiny bug to move from one area to another areas.

... A beautiful hidden-object game with ambient soundtrack

Sometimes, the last item that you looking for will be available only after you solve the previous puzzle. For example: the last part of the grasshopper can be found after you solve the flower puzzle. In other word, every object is related here, and that's why you need to solve it one by one. Your tiny bug has special power, it can spread the green sparkling powder which can be useful to open/ free something. You need to tap and hold the bug for activating that power.

Another great parts from this game is the music. Yes, the game has ambient soundtracks, I really like how the melody accompany me during playing the game. It makes me more encouraged to play the game more and more. Kudos for the sound/ music designer :D. Only one part of this game which made me bit disappointed. There's no checkpoint here. You should solve each scenes in once play. Actually, there're at least 4 kind of hidden object puzzle with 2-3 mind boggling puzzle game inside. It'll be better if the game can save my progress no matter where I left the game for the last time.

Relax... no need to rush....

However, apart from this minor aspect. Morphopolis is a well-made game for you who looking for a great hidden object-adventure game. Everything can be said by art here, no need a long text, no need a intriguing story. Just enjoy it without rush, but remember sometimes you need to think out of the box too. The game costs $3.99 without any IAP inside. This might not a long game, but hey... Who said if you should play this with a rush?

Graphic/ Sound: 5 out of 5
Game Control: 4 out of 5
Gameplay: 4.5 out of 5
Replay Value: 4 out of 5
Overall: 4.38 out of 5

IGF Entry: Morphopolis

Lost Orbit

Particle Mace

Pretentious Game (will be released on December 5, 2013)

Revolution 60 (will be released on March 2014)

Road Not Taken


Skull Legend (Out Now)

HD version: Skull Legends HD ($2.99)
SD version: Skull Legends ($ 0.99)

Sneaky Sneaky


The Little Prince Returns

The Phantom Pi

Fusion: Particle Collider


Franz Kafka Videogame

Hey, Shu!


House of Cards

Icycle: On Thin Ice (Out Now)

Joan Mad Run

Jungle Rumble Game

Lumino City

Indie Game Festival or IGF can be one of the most anticipating events for Indie Developer. As we all know the main goal of this event is to encourage innovation in game development and to recognize the best indie developers all over the world. There're 2 main categories here; main and student. If you want to submit your game, you should pay $95. However, if you won it, the prize is promising enough to help your indie company. Alright in short case, yesterday I took a look into IGF site and found some interesting upcoming iOS games on there.

Here is some games that intrigued my eyes:


A Vision Quest




Don't Shoot Yourself (Out Now)

App Store Link: Don't Shoot Yourself! ($.099)

Electronic Super Joy

Epic Eric


Forma 8

Read preview here

I'll post them 10 by 10.. haha.. Don't forget to check the next post.
Ps: All of the games above really picked my interest, especially Ephemerid and Atomic+. Both of them really suitable with my game style... Others looks great too, I wish I can play them all soon :D

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