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So, what's going on everybody? Unlike usual, this week wasn't excited enough for me. As an iOS gamer, every thursday is felt like a christmas day where you can find bunch of new games on the App Store. I'm not satisfied enough when I knew Stella was another AB series, meanwhile I hope Rovio can give us more than a slingshot game. Let's pray for Angry Bird Transformer will be a TPS game or may be RPG game. How about that Ubisoft game? Hmm, Valiant Heart is probably good, since my friend praised it so much for the console version of the game. However, well the game might not my cup of tea. So here is my watchlist or wishlist (or whatever it called) from now till the end of 2014 2015.

Ps: The article will be update regularly as soon as there're more interesting games on my radar ;)

Second Update (May 17, 2015)

Sequenced by Apelab

The concept of this game really blow out my mind. I mean I can't wait to play a VR alike with my iPad. Actually there's already 360 degree game for mobile named Seek. It's a wonderful playing experiment. For some reason people just kind of stupid complaining when they should play the game by rotating their body but in fact, it's a genius thing and nothing to complain here.

Progress by Ludosity

It's one of the best highlight on this latest update. Make sure you grab this game once its released. Read more info about it here

Primal Rivals by Cerebralfix

The game already in Beta phase and I can clearly said this a ambitious tower defense game with multiplayer battle aspect alike. Unfortunately, I can't say too much about the beta since it's unstable enough to be played on my iPad Air. However, I'm pretty sure this will be a 'worth awaited' game for TD and strategy fans.

Walkers by Infected Cell

Set in Noir with sephia effect, Walkers looks really a beautiful game. Based on my observation, I guess it'll be a puzzle side scrolling game and the best thing, it'll also has stealth aspect. Moreover, what I found from the website it said if the game has dynamic environment with many chances to create more complicated walkthrough. Cool!

Blitz Breaker by BonchoGames

You probably know, I'm really dig into platformer game, neither it's puzzle platformer, hard nor classic platformer. I love them all, though I'll died so much inside but I don't care. Blitz Breaker also one of my 'must have' watchlist and after I tried the demo here, I can't wait to get my hands on.

Pinstripe by Atmosgames

Beside platformer, another my favorite genre is adventure especially the one with atmospheric gameplay. Pinstripe already sold me with that bouncing bed, it just reminds me with my favorite childhood's hobby and I can't wait to reveal more secrets inside on my iPad.

Warbits by Risky Lab

Warbits is a turn based strategy game with multiplayer support up to 4 persons. It also support local multiplayer with pass and play method. You'll play a group and attack other group, every member on your team has different skills and make sure you take a wise movement if you eager to win.

First Update (January 3, 2015)

Heroki by Picomy

I saw this game for the first time in Touch Arcade forum and been following this game for about 2 years. Though to be honest, not much information I can provide for this one. However, Heroki is an eye catching 2,5D platformer to be put on your watchlist.

Ps: The dev said if it'll be released early 2015 ...
Edit: The game is currently in SEGA QA process, yes the game will be published by SEGA and looks like it'll be announced on Apple Event (WWDC may be). Well, this is going to be more interesting and interesting.

Submerged by Uppercut Games

Previously known from their epoch series. Now Uppercut Games will bring a new experience for their fans, an exploration game. Here you'll be play as little girl who looking for his lost brother. Can you survive on this ancient world?

Toby: The Secret Mine by Navratillukas

Limbo, that's the first word which appear on my mind while looking into this game. The game looks gloomy, mysterious, and bit creepy. Well, it's on development now and I'll check this one for sure once its released.


Dinofour by Craigeatscrayons

The dino is too cute enough to be missed out! Just look on the animation below, how the dino hugs the egg XD
Ps: It said if the game will be released on June 2015

Original Post (September 5, 2014)

Forma 8 by MixedBag

I remember I ever wrote an article about this a year ago. Forma 8 will let you explore through a mysterious world. Your character have no weapon, no power, no clue where to go and what to do. There's no text inside this game, only images and sounds. Yes, you will combat with enemies, big enemies, and bigger enemies and those already sold me from the first time.

Project Giant by XMG Studio

It said if Project Giants will be a hauntingly beautiful indie game set in a forlorn overgrown dystopia. The world have been forgotten and now it's time for you to reclaim what it truly means to be alive. With beautiful low poly graphic, enjoy your journey through this breathtaking visual experience.

Seashine by Pated

I know you have sick enough with an endless/ survival game... but this this is a jelly fish game... :p. Look at that glowing jelly fish.. So beautiful :3 Okay back to topic. Though the game uses a 'mainstream' genre, I hope these gifs below can change your mind about this game. You need to collect the light source for surviving in this oppressive underworld.

Edit: It'll be a level based, not endless anymore and I bet this will be so good

MoofMoof Roll by Melkonian Games

Okay okay I promise this one is the last endless runner on my list (I hope so too >o< ). MoofMoof Roll is a free to play endless runner game designed for touch devices. As a guard, Moof Moof must travel through 5 different worlds to fetch a special artefact. However, each world fill with danger inside. Luckily Moof Moof has special ability to avoid those obstacles, can you help him to passed them all?

Edit: I doubt if this game still on work, MIA and we can't access the site anymore.

Beat Beat Shooter by Missing Dragonfly

I saw this game for the first time on IGF site. This game is a space shooter game with rhythm element. I don't know how its play, but from video I know I might have fun with this.

Fragmentorum Alba by OtusGame Studio

Probably this is the only horror game which mentioned by me on this list. Actually, I'm not a fan of horror game, not because I'm a coward, but it caused by the light.... I don't know why horror game always use dark light setting :p. Fragmentorum Alba is a surreal adventure game set in 1960, told about the strange tale of nightmarish hotel and an indecipherable tape recording.

Idioctopus by Badger Hammer

If Seashine is a story about jellyfish, so this game is a love story about octopus. Here you need to guide those stupid octopus couple so they can date safely on this deadly place.

Goscurry by Daniel Giardini

No, it's not a runner game. It's a hard game about where you must relax and follow the rhythm. Try to go as far as you can by piloting a ship on an infinite road, suspended over a stylized and eerie landscape, while taking sharp corners, evading hazards, and avoiding panic attacks.

Audio Aberration by Atmos Interactive

Watch out! Don't judge me first, I have know yet if this game is endless or level based. However, my instinct said it's a level based game. The game kinda reminds me with Unpossible game also other tunnel runner game. However, still... if you're a fan of this genre, don't forget to check this when it's out.

Narcissus by Alex Johansson

I have played the web version of this game and so happy when knowing this will come for iPad. I have made a short preview which can be read here. Basically you need to control 2 characters on the same time, but be careful things might not as smooth as you might think.

Project Ninja aka Tale of Ninja by After Life Games

For this one, after a long delay. I wish the dev still gives some love for this game. Project Ninja is a stealth game which using Japanese setting in action. It'll come in Q4 2014 as free to try game, pay $3.99 to unlock the full game.

Edit: This is MIA

Turbo Smash Blade by Arcade Pulp

What is more fun than can slicing your enemies into bite pieces easily? Here you can play as a brave tiny girl facing them goliath, samurai, kamikaze, etc on this hack n slash game.

Apsis by A Strange Gravity

Guide a flock of birds through a world where earth, sky and stars are woven together. Apsis is not a place to conquer, but a place to discover and play.

Edit: Postpone until 2016 I think

Quarantime by Fox Work

It might be a funny fun game where you'll play as zombie shepherd. As a shepherd you should put as much zombie as possible into quarantine. The zombie will chase after you, adding more and more zombies behind you, then get the key, find the quarantine hall or you'll get bitten by one of them.

Voodoo by Ayramen

Anyone ever play a voodoo game? Voodoo is a point n click with gloomy horror aura. It's bit reminds me with Machinarium game, but looks like this one is more sadistic.

The Witness by Number None

After Braid, who can resist for this game? Since last year, I believe many of you have been waiting for this game from its first announced. The Witness is a first person exploration game with many puzzle to be solved. Hopefully this still be released this year.


Hardland by Mountain Sheep

This game might not come for mobile first (at least from what I knew). It'll be available for PC later this year. But who know :)?

Already in Early Access, you can grab it on Steam here

No Man Sky by Hello Games

After Joe Danger Series, this game become one of most anticipated game on 2014 2015. Unfortunately this game comes for PC and Play Station only. However, I hope Hello Games will make similar games like this for their first debut platform :)

You know that I have made a 'compilation' list of upcoming iOS games though it'll be updated regularly, but why don't I make another one from other platform? Well, in this case I only stick around with PC. I love playing indie games and I just found some interesting games when I browse on Steam nor find them accidentally nor from press release (press kit). Alright, to make it brief, here are the list so far. Of course, I'll update this post, once I got more interesting games that appeal in my eyes.

We Are the Dwarfes by Whale Rock Games

Although in fact from the trailer video below I still have no idea what the gameplay will be looks like, I have a high hope into this one due to that dramatic monster scene. I can admit if almost everything on the trailer looks like a cinematic film, however I wish there'll be some cinematic movement inside this game to add more animation inside :p. One more, I'm also wish the developer will reveal a real in-game battle video soon for their game. At least I need to know how the control will be worked. 

From information I found on Steam, we will control up to 3 characters and looks like it'll be an automated battle model where we can also use real-time event that happened around us to affect the gameplay. Hmm, interesting.. Moreover, we can choose our battle style, where we can use sneaky attack or direct smash. Well, it reminds me with Sneaky Sneaky, one of my favorite game last year. That's why though I'm not really into strategy game, I'll still keep my eyes into this one for sure.

Steam Link: We Are Dwarfes

Little Devil Inside by Neostream

About this game, I found this game on Steam Greenlight page and that one-eye monster really reminds me with banana minion from Despicable Me. That's why I'm already sold out from the first time with this adventure game. Little Devil Inside will be an action adventure RPG game with rich interaction not just with human but also monsters and creatures from unknown worlds which you never imagined before. Well I mean, you'll find many paranormal activities here. Nail the voodoo!

Anyway, Neostream is running the KS campaign now and they need AU$250.000 to make the funding successful. Let wish there's no KS troll anymore this time... no, I mean forever.

Kickstarter Link: Little Devil Inside
Steam Link: Little Devil Inside

AER by Forgotten Key

AER is a game that let you being a bird-human creature. I bet it'll be so much fun when you can turn into bird as many as you want to travel around the world. Actually, the game intrigued because the character has similar hairstyle with a character from Submerged game, haha. However, I'm more interested with the low poly graphic from this game. It's really nice to be seen since I'm a low poly admirer too :3

Traverser by Gatling Goat Studios

Dear AdultSwim, you're one of my trustworthy publisher and most of your game never disappointing me. That's why Traverser will be one of my 'worth to wait' game. As a traverser, you'll have ability to travel between upper and lower cities of Brimstone. You also have manipulation ability by using your gravitation glove. Alright, let's see how well this game will be :)

Steam Link: Traverser

Kawiteros by Neko Entertainment

Though there's no video even teaser for this game yet. Based on what I seen I can clearly said if the game really has really deep culture, mythical, and supernatural energy inside. The game will be a platformer game with highly inspired by Huichol Arts. Huichol arts come from native Mexicans, Huichol people

Futuregrind by Milkbag Games

Well, the gif picture said it all. Futuregrind will be a hardcore platformer game. Two color in one character might not a new concept but the way Milkbag implement it are fresh enough in my opinion. I bet it'll become a hardcore racing platformer game that so much fun to be played. Unfortunately, you can't expect to play this game this year since it's planned to be released sometime on 2016 for PC also Consoles.

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