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There're so many shooter games in the AppStore or Google Play nowadays, and you might think shooter game is shmup or FPS/ TPS game only. However, Monobrowgames tried to bring a cool way to implement a shooter game. The game might be feels weird at the first time, but for me this is a game that you must try.

Deadly Bullet isn't an ordinary shooter game. Yes, in general this game is include in shooter category but it's bit different. May be, there's already similar game like this outside there which I didn't know, but come on friends... just forget it for a while and let's see what's inside this game.

In short story, you worked in organization called Deadly Bullet. This isn't a superhero story who looking for justice, help some people, or something. However, in here your main goal is to eliminate all of the enemies without exception. You will play as a single bullet, walk? ehmm.. no. You will fly through the enemies and killed them. For the first time playing, you might need to adapt with the control.

If you're not a patient enough, you'll be think if the control of this game was so horrible and hard to be used. For me, I needed about 15 minutes to adapt with the control and I believe you're better than me ;). Like what I've said before, you need to eliminate all of the enemies here. There's a requirement about how much enemies do you need to eliminate. In the standard mode, there're 3 bullets to be used (counted as lives).

When you hit the wall or got bomb, you'll be die. Feels not challenging enough? Don't worry, everytime you lost your bullet, your enemies also be reset. In other word, if you've killed 7 out of 8 enemies, and suddenly you hit the wall and died, you need to start it again from the beginning. Sounds huh? Haha... that's the point bro.

Wait... why I said you need to adapt with the control? There's no joystick here. Tap on the right side to make the bullet rotates clockwise, and tap on the left for did the opposite. Easy right ;)? There's two types of scoring here, XP for killed the enemies and XP for hit the obstacles. Enemies will have pink circle around, whereas the obstacles have blue circle arround.

There're 2 game mode, Standard and Score Attack. There're 3 main locations, each location contains of 3 levels. If you get game over, you need to re-play it again from the beginning. Collect XP to level up and gain a point. This point will be used to unlock the next location, buy power ups or more slots. Some power ups will be useful to make the game easier to be played.

For the score attack, it's same like a survival mode. Play as long as you can and gain score as high as possible. However, you can't get any point from here. You can get the point from standard mode only by levelling up. Deadly Bullet is available for free without any ads nor IAP on the AppStore and Google Play. The game supports Everyplay too, where you can record your gameplay and share it to your friends. Interested?

Graphic/ Sound: 4 of 5
Gameplay: 4.5 of 5
Game Control: 4.5 of 5
Replay Value: 4.5 of 5
Overall: 4.38 of 5

AppStore Link: Deadly Bullet, Free
Google Play Link: Deadly Bullet, Free

If we talk about duet, what's on your mind? Duet singers, twin sisters, etc? Today, I'll talk about a Duet game. Well, Duet Game which was developed by Kumobius can be one of the hardest game I ever play on iOS. For me, it's a game about harmony and effort.

Like its title, Duet game will forced you to play as two balls together. They were connected by a circle ring. For controlling them, you can tap the left or the right screen. The ring will be rotated following your instruction. So, what's your enemies here? It's easy actually, you only face some blocks.. Yes, static and rotating blocks. However, marks my said now... It isn't easy as you might think. At least for the first time.

You need to master the controls at first. It's not a fast game nor a slow game, the one who make it fast or slow was you. You're the one who decide your own path on this game. There're 9 stages on this game consist of 5-8 levels in average. The levels here called waves. Each waves can be finished quickly or slowly depends by your skill. How many times you hit the block? Honestly, I'm suck in this game. I need to replay each level at least 10 times to finish a wave, and sometimes even more than 50 times.. :o

You need to rotate the ring to make both of the balls stay away from the blocks. You need to restart the level, if one or both of the balls hit the blocks. The bad thing, the balls was made by paint and they will leave some marks on the block after hit it. So, your skill can be shown by how many marks left in each blocks. More marks mean more sucks :P. Well, that's which happened on me too.. lol. But, I haven't give up buddy.. yeah..

Duet game has an endless mode too, which can be unlocked after you finished all the denial stages. It has similar gameplay with the main mode, but you have limited lives here. Beside the simple gameplay, Duet game also has simple UI, it only has 4 main colors; Black as the background, white for the blocks and blue red for the balls. You can invert the colors too, it'll change the background into white. The soundtrack was calm at first but raise your courage.

Why so serious? This game has a simple gameplay but it's crazy executed. It's not an impossible game, sometimes you just need more efforts and a patient to finish a wave. You can't play the game with ambitiously nor perfunctorily. You need to take a deep breath, relax and don't blink, focusing on your way and here you go. Don't be too rush or too slow. Take the right step at the right time. Too early will make you death, too late will leave a mark on your blocks too.

Duet game can be purchased on the AppStore costs $2.99. A reasonable price for a game with ultra challenging gameplay. Don't worry, you won't find any IAP inside. So, what are you waiting for? Create your own path now and start an unforgettable journey!

Graphic/ Sound: 4 of 5
Gameplay: 4.5 of 5
Game Control: 4 of 5
Replay Value: 4.5 of 5
Overall: 4.25 of 5

IGF Entry: DUET Game
App Store Link: Duet Game, $2.99

Honestly, I never played ZiGGURAT before. Hookball is a game which inspired by ZiGGURAT, I won't compared both of these games and said if one of them was a clone or something, I don't have any right for doing like that. The developer, Nachobeard clearly said if the game was inspired by ZiGGURAT, Noitu Love 2 and the "coffee break" game in Mario Paint. So, enough for the intro and let's move to see the gameplay of the game.

Actually, you won't be feel too hard for playing this game since the tutorial was clearly enough to be learned. However, let me tell you about the control of the game once again. Your main goal here is survive as long as you can. You have 2 challenges here.. No, may be more.. but the focus are 2; first be careful of the enemies, second watch out for the timer. In conclusion, you need to survive as long as you can without getting hurt? Hmm, really :P

You will be a flying man here, but you don't have wings bro.. you need to hooked into your enemies to keep flying. For doing that you just need to tap the enemy and you will hooked into that. Remember, you have really really short time for hook into that, so do that as quick as possible. Remember the timer? To extend your timer, you need to throw away the enemy on other enemies. It will give you several hippie coins.. There're 3 kind of coins, bronze gave 1 ms, 15 ms for the silver one, and the gold one was 40 ms.

If you take a look into the screenshots, the timer is the circle in the center of the screen. It will be glowing if the time will be end. Sounds to easy and lacks of challenges? Hmm.. I don't think so. You will be given by bunch of enemies with different abilities. They will attack you by spreading some bullets, as long as you play you will have bit immune. That's why sometimes you won't be death after getting hit directly. However, it doesn't long lasting.

Beside of the enemies, you will face some bosses too. It's an endless game, btw. Start from mini boss, such as fish, owl, etc. Then followed by mini big boss, such as frog. The last boss was a worm though I have seen it yet. Stay away from the lava too, you will be dead if you fall down into there. IMO, Hookball is a simple game with challenging gameplay. You might need few times to adapt with the control, but once you mastered it you will get hooked of it. That's why this game called Hookball... lol

Hookball uses retro graphic also accompanied with retro music ( Reggae music). Only one disappointment here, the Game Center score doesn't sync properly, hope this will be fixed soon. Right now, Hookball available for iPad only. No offense since the game is the best playable on iPad screen. The game costs $2.99 and you won't find any IAP inside. If you looking for a challenging game with high replay value, don't forget to give this one a shot ;)

Ps: My hi-est score was 148.03 s, beat that and prove if you did it better than me ;)

Graphic/ Sounds: 4 of 5
Gameplay: 4 of 5
Game Control: 4.5 of 5
Replay Value: 5 of 5
Overall: 4.38 of 5


App Store Link: HOOKBALL, $2.99

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