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Happy new year everyone!! I know it's bit late, but better than nothing right? Today I'm gonna show you my best iOS games during 2014. 2014 was a great year for iOS gaming and I wish there'll be much more great iOS games released in 2015. Ah, I also start playing games on PC platform too and guess I'll spend more time on that platform like I play on iOS. Though I doubt if I can do that.. haha.

Alright, here is my 10 Best iOS Games during 2014:

10. Monster Ate My Birthday Cake by Cartoon Network

9. Kiwanuka by CMA Megacorp

8. Wave Wave by Tom Janson

7. Traps n Gemstones by Donut Games

6. Sneaky Sneaky by Naiad Entertainment

5. Threes by Sirvo

4. Crossy Road by Hipster Whale

3. Twelve a Dozen by Bossa Studio

2. Monument Valley by ustwo

So what's the first one? Can you guess it?

1. Framed by Loveshack Entertainment | Review

Alright that's all, what's your favorite one? Share your favorite iOS games in the comment section :)

Ps: I'm waiting for Forma8.... but when.. when.. that game will be released? T_T
Also waiting for Heroki and can't wait for January 30, 2015 to play Life is Strange :3

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