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If you think this game is flight simulation game, you're wrong this time. Help Me Fly which was developed by Funtomic, is definitely not a flight simulator game. It's more a mind-boggling puzzle game that will train your brain. Not believe? Let me explain you some reasons ;)

You're riding your sweet little plane, when suddenly you ran out of energy. Luckily, there's battery comes from heaven (#seriously? Wait.. Does heaven have battery factory? lol). So, what you must do is connect your plane with the battery by using the available blocks on each level. Sounds easy? Okay, that might sounds too easy, but I found this game is quite tricky to be solved sometimes.

The game is easy to be played, suitable for all ages. I'm a puzzle lover and I must admit if I'm enjoying this game so much. It's quite challenging. At the first time I felt the game is bit repetitive, yeah only for the background. Also, I abandoned the star/s on each levels until I realized if I need at least 30 out of 32 for unlock the next world. That's why I should replay them all. See, what I've done here? -,-

Alright, back to the gameplay. Like I've said before, you need to connect your plane to the battery using the available blocks. It's funny when you tried to use each available blocks to connect them, then you realize if you had trapped. You don't need to use every blocks as long you can connect them all. In each level, you might find some stars. Don't be like me, think smart.. You need to collect them all as much as possible. It's the requirement for unlocking the next world.

About the control, you just need drag and drop to re-arrange the block's path. If the block connected with the battery, the color will be changed into green. After you arrange the path properly, tap the go button to finish the level. Unfortunately, like my explanation above, the game has one background only. However, the challenging gameplay can cover it all.

As long as you raised your level up, you'll find more intriguing objects, such as energy wall which block your way or power transmitter which help you to transform the energy, etc. Sometimes, you don't need to clear all the things perfectly. Just think smart and make it easy. Seriously, this game is simple but challenging and tricky at the same time.

There're 4 worlds inside the game, each world consists of 15 levels. You can buy this game for a buck only. The good news there's no IAP inside. Unfortunately, you can't skip the level. So if you get stuck, just relax.. take a deep breath, and solve the level with smart. Don't think too far, sometimes the problem is easier than its look. Yes, that's the good lesson which I've learned from this game. If you're looking for a simple mind-boggling puzzle game, don't forget to take a look into this one.

Graphic/ Sound: 4 of 5
Gameplay: 4 of 5
Game Control: 4 of 5
Replay Value: 3.5 of 5
Overall: 3.88 of 5

AppStore Link: Help Me Fly, $0.99
Google Play Link: Help Me Fly, $1.13

What do you expected from a game? An intriguing story? Beautiful characters? Wonderful graphics? Hmm, No... Forget all about that this time. I won't say about those kinds of game. For me, a game isn't a something that must be have all its default aspects. Game is like a fantasy for me. It's like a way for you to express your feeling in an awesome work.

Reposition, which was developed by Amoee Games is one of the evidences if game doesn't need a complicated graphic, story, etc. Reposition is a relaxing match making shape game. It's so relax, you won't be pursued by time nor scoring. All you need to do just relax, then drag and rotate the 3D shape to match inside the 2D shape. With a simplicity graphic, calm background, and ambient music. The game is succeed to bring the "Relaxing" aura in me :).

The game consists of 11 stages. Where in each stages, you can play about 4-5 matchmaking gameplay. It's not too much if you compared it with other similar games. However, it's a relaxing game, buddy. Don't be rush, enjoy your time to finish the game. The difficulty increases time after time, but don't expect if it'll be so hard. If I can give rate about the difficulty, it's about 1-2 of 5. It's not for hardcore player, it's for casual player who looking for a relax game.

Unfortunately, the game is available for iPad only. It cost a buck at first release, then goes free. It doesn't have any single IAP nor ads. If you looking for a relaxing game, don't forget to give this one a shot :)

Graphic: 3.5 of 5
Gameplay; 3 of 5
Game Control: 3.5 of 5
Replay Value: 3 of 5
Overall: 3.25 of 5

App Store Link: Reposition, Free

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